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Why go through 9 month course when you could be certificated in just 2 weeks?

The majority of the community colleges HVAC certificate training programs consist of a minimum 9 months to a 1 year courses in the fundamentals of heating and air conditioning. Central Texas AC and Refrigeration Training’s Fast-Track Program, will have you trained and job ready in just 2 weeks. (10 hours per day, 6 days per week) You’ll learn not only the HVAC fundamentals, but also basic work-safety practices, service troubleshooting, and repair and maintenance of HVAC systems in our training facility.

CTARS has experienced, attentive instructors, hands on training and small class sizes to ensure you are given the best training. CTARS also holds a certificate of approval through the Texas Workforce Commission.

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Our Mission

Central Texas AC and Refrigeration Schools is committed to teaching specialized knowledge and skills to people of all ages and backgrounds, in the most convenient way possible. We have the experience, the tools, hands-on education, the instructors and the student support to help you change your life and start a new career in as little as two weeks, the Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School can give you the skills you need to achieve the career success you’ve been looking for.

Studying to become a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Technician, you will learn to install, maintain and repair essential temperature control equipment found in today’s homes and businesses. You will also receive hands-on training in small classes, to ensure you get the training and attention you need. We offer affordable programs in Residential and Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems to become fluent in the mechanical and electrical processes of most common types of HVAC equipment.

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After you have paid you fees you will be put on the class schedule. This a crash course and we expect our students to show up to class.


Get Certified

You’ve done the hard part and made the commitment.Take the test, get certified and enjoy being part of a stable growing career.

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