Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School
Become Air Condition (HVAC) Certified in Two Weeks
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Great school, very intense. This school is a great path for success, you will learn absolutely everything you need to be a great HVAC technician. When you decide to come to this school, you better be ready to learn, you gotta be very serious, you can be doing this for the rest of your life. Erick was great, her thoroughly explains every little thing in the AC system, and even teaches you the electrical world. Erick is a genius, and makes sure you comprehend everything, he doesn’t leave anybody behind, take my word for it. If you don’t understand something he will make sure before you walk out the door you understand it. If i was looking for a school, i wouldn’t think about it twice, this is clearly the best option for you and your future. When i walked in i absolutely couldn’t believe how i was gonna learn everything in 2 weeks but trust me you will cover everything, you will walk out of this door with all the knowledge you need.