Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School
Become Air Condition (HVAC) Certified in Two Weeks
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Central Texas A/C school was the most informatable and useful educational experiences Ive had. The owner/operator/instructor, Eric Shahvadi is, not only a highly experienced and knowlegable trade-professional and master, his teaching methodologies and deliveries are, “bar none”; All the school’s employees, were/ are understanding to the personal educational needs and situations of each individual student. The school does not only prepare it’s students for the A/C refrigeration trade but also, helps each student along the process to achieving thier goals. Eric is a true teacher in every sense of the word. Being a sudent at the school and completing the certifiacation course has helped me grow in my own personal ways. I would suggest and or, recommend this school to any tradesman who is wanting to extend his skills / knowelgde or, to any younger adult who is wanting to learn a gainful trade. Eric is not only an A/C teacher but, a life insctructior/advisor as well, to all of his students. -this school is, “the right choice”-