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I went to a different HVAC school some years ago, but never finished. I decided a couple months ago that I really wanted to achieve more. I wanted to finally finish my training, but I had to find a different school. I found this one on the web, and I am SO glad that I did. In the short amount of time I’ve been here at Eric’s school, I feel more confident and empowered about Thermal Dynamics then I ever have. I feel smarter than I did at the other school that I went to for six months even. He strips out all the nonsense you don’t really need to know, and gets down to the meat and potatoes that you do need to know. It’s also no where near as expensive as this other school. I’m an “A” student here because of how Eric teaches in his classroom. You will learn, and you will feel smart. You must study, and have the desire to want it. Just know, you can do this! To sum it up. If you’re looking to finally do something about getting into the AC business, or complete an unfinished training, give Eric a call!