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Awesome learning experiance.

Started this school not knowing anything about hvac systems. Material is taught in a manor you can relate to. Great staff and Eric is a great teacher. No question is a dumb question.


Great School to attend!!!

I enter this not knowing anything about hvac i feel if work hard and decide myself this experience could change my life for the better all i need is a chance.

samuel nellon

Excellent school! Learned A LOT in short amount of time!

The school gave me exactly what I wanted. I came all the way from Georgia to go this school. I searched in my area and found nothing that teaches so much in so little time for such a good price.

I was not disappointed. I learned everything I wanted to know and more - how to pump down systems, do nitrogen leak checks, evacuate systems, charge systems, install new systems, etc. I also learned about gas furnaces and ice machines.

I\'m so glad I came. I had read a little about HVAC, but had no hands on training, which I received at the school. I now feel confident to go out and start working on systems (and also repair and install my own).

Eric is very thorough in teaching. He tries to make sure each student grasps the material. He allows for questions and repeats the material until students grasp it.

Great experience and highly recommended school!

Bill Smith

Excellent HVAC School in Austin

I feel more comfortable at work now since coming to this school.Now I have more information for Hvac and how they system works.The program for the school is good because
of the hands on and you can see the items and touch the items being taught.Thank you for the instructor and Eric for the opportunity to come to and pass this school.

Miguel Fernandez Quevedo
bexar county

Great scool learned alot.

Eric's teaching was informative and to the point. He taught me in a very short time the knowledge and the tools I needed to be successful in the HVAC business. He also taught it in such a way that a hands on guy like myself could easily understand.

Christopher Jabsen


I'm a college student, and I can definitely tell you that I learned and UNDERSTOOD more in this class than I did in school. In school, I only MEMORIZED the material being taught but DR. Eric teaches you in away so that you will never forget the information. I highly recommend ANY one interested in HVAC to take he's course.

Telvin Mathews

Very professional School

This school was very good school. Eric is very professional and has a real passion for teaching. I like that he makes every student come to the front of the classroom, and practice whatever subject they are working on. Mary was also amazing, and would answer any questions that we had. 🙂

Travis Felps
All About Air


It was a great experience and a great teacher. I would recommend this to any who wants to learn the right way.

carlos caravantes

Really good school

This a really good school. the teacher Eric is a great teacher he explains everything great..i came into this school not knowing anything .. I am leaving with allot of knowledge I will definitely recommend this school to other people

andres castro

Confused customer

My name is Carina and the reason I called was to get some information about a/c units. I have had 4 different a/c contractors come out and give me estimate. All had different prices and different brands. After they left I was more confused than ever and don't even mention the internet. ( I had a headache after my research). Each sales person said theirs was the best and when I told them about the competition they had nothing but bad things to say. To the customer we are at their mercy. I called Central Texas AC & refrigeration school and ERIC was amazing. I explained my dilemma and he took the time to answer ALL my questions about the different a/c units and was so friendly and informative. After talking to him it was much easier to make a decision. If he is that helpful with people who call just for information I can only imagine the passion he has for teaching new students. Eric deserves 5 stars for being so helpful and informative. *****


Absolutely astounding!

Dr. Eric definitely knows how to teach a class. He teaches what other schools teach in 5 months, 9 months, even 2 years, all in 2 weeks! he really makes sure everyone understands the material, and drives everyone to be as excited about HVAC/R as he undoubtedly is. You can see his passion for HVAC and teaching, and he really cares about every student that walks in the door. You aren't just another number at this school. His small class sizes allow for more personal learning, to really drive home the learning material. The hands on training really helps familiarize you with the real-world situations you will encounter in the field. This class is amazing!

If your in the A/C field you NEED THIS CLASS

Eric is an Awesome Teacher the way he teaches and explains the information to you even the "rookie" in class with zero hvac experience can understand and explain it back in less then hour is remarkable. I have been in this field for almost a decade and I have learned so much in this 2.5 weeks. I will leave this school a better tech having come to this class! I look forward to taking my N.A.T.E Classes here soon.

Passion and attention to detail.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to had Eric as my mentor (instructor) through out this 2 1/2 weeks of HVAC training.

I have learned this material in this short amount of time, academicly and hands on. it woud take me a year to completed this course (38 credit hours) at college or university.

His passion, dedication to teach, and his projection to attention to details is the most important thing money can\'t buy. Thank you Eric!!

If you choose to come and take this course make sure you make time, effort,study hard and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

Three years Experience in two and a half weeks

The amount of knowledge Dr Eric is able to impart to his students in such a short time is rather awe-inspiring. With an extensive background in microprocessor design and the systems used to cool them, he's able to shed a great deal of light on complex subjects and deliver them in a way that everyone can grasp. His ability to build a firm theoretical foundation involving HVAC systems assists understanding during the hands-on activities and ensures that each student has an understanding of the concept before moving on.

The amount of time spent in the lab working with actual equipment gave me years of equivalent experience building confidence I can perform on the job. Small classes foster an open environment where students discuss class topics until a firm grasp of each topic is achieved.

Even as an accomplished PhD, Dr Eric exhibits humble qualities that make learning a joy while remaining receptive to alternate methodologies or approaches presented by students.

I am extremely happy with my choice to attend Central Texas AC & Refrigeration school and recommend it to anyone, beginner or experienced tech wanting formal training.

Albert Alexy

Great schoo

Great school, really learned a lot. He really pressured me to learn. For someone like myself that has never been in this field, it was a great technique to help me really learn. Came here not knowing what to expect and I am leaving feeling like a technician. I would recommend this school for any friend or any one that would like to persue this field.

Ramon Alfonso Garza

Incredible Teacher and teaching style

At first the class seems intimidating considering the length of the class. Luckily the way Eric teaches he makes everything so easy to understand. When you get the first test it really sinks in just how well you take in the information he is teaching you. Pretty amazing going from knowing absolutely nothing about HVAC the day school starts to being very confident on the final after only two and a half weeks.

I would highly recommend his class to anyone who wants to start a new career in HVAC

The man really is a genius and an incredible teacher.

Bradley Dungan

This is a 'must take' class!

I fully intend to start an A/C business in the future and I will require all of my technicians to attend and pass this class. Eric does an excellent job of providing in depth explanations of the way all of the systems work, and will verify that you know and understand the system. If you are serious about a career in HVAC, I would highly recommend you take this class.

Phil Webb

Great School and leaning environment!

I was very pleased with the HVAC education that I received here at Central Texas AC and Refrigeration.
I leave with a greater understanding of refrigeration and feel well prepared for the job market. The two and a half week course was intense but worth my time. Eric has a systematic way of teaching and thorough way of explaining the material. The course books are excellent! Just a really great experience. Glad I came here.

Humberto Loayza

Professional and Hard working

Very pleased with the experience I gained from this school. I feel I have learned easily considering the small class size and the amount of time Eric takes to explain the smallest of details in any question asked. Could not be happier and am very excited to get into the field!

Better than traditional school training!

Having worked in higher education for many years, I was a bit anxious entering an atypical institution. But I wanted a career change and all the classes at ACC were full. I decided to give it a shot and I'm so happy I did!
I learned from a PhD, got individual attention, learned in an open forum with a very small class, books were included, I received hands-on training as well as theoretical principles, I finished in 2.5 weeks and I was required to have at least a 90% on every test. None of these things will you get at a community college or trade school. So the value is tremendous as were my results.
However, this school is NOT for someone looking for the "easy way" into the field. The material is not easy, but it is taught exceedingly well if you are a capable student. I made the right choice and I'm very glad I did.
Don't write off this training as unworthy because it's not traditional. I can guarantee you I got a better education in 2.5 weeks than I would have in 9 months at a typical institution.

Garrett Reist

Amazing school with the most knowledgeable Instructor

When looking for HVAC/R schools/training programs, I searched hi and low close and far. Then I found Central Texas AC and refrigeration school just right down the road from where I live. After reading the reviews I signed up. A 2 1/2 week program compared to a 7-12 month program sounded great to me. And for about 1/5th of the cost. I received a ton of material but it was taught in such a perfect way. The instructor, Eric, really has a gift of teaching material in a way that everyone understands and retains it. Overall this is a wonderful program and one that I will forever recommend. Thank you for your time and effort Eric!

Justin Craig

Best AC school taught by the Best Teacher.

Very thorough and very informative teaching. The instructor and staff are there for you to succeed. The class interaction and repition makes the learning process easy and lets it absorb into your brain.

sean castner

Food Service

Eric and this crew has unlocked one the the true hidden keys to sucess. The school is a great place to start for a rewarding career. Eric covers all the materials that will help any new student know all about AC & Heating. The classes have a great environment, great tools, equipment, and staff willing to lend a hand. The prices will fit anyone budget.
Bottom line, if you go anywhere else foe AC & Heating school, you made a huge mistake.

Great School

texas refrigeration school was a smart choice on my end. I came in knowing nothing about hvac.eric has agreat method and will use what ive learn on the field. im coming out preety comftarble of what i learned. I understand the material and will use it on my future career path.

Great School

I really enjoyed the coarse and learned a lot. I know I made the right choice by coming here. The instructor really makes sure you know your stuff.

Jaime Figueroa

Good fast pace school

Overall a good school to learn hvac. i felt the instructor (Eric) was firm and got his point across when teaching a lesson. i recommend it to anybody who doesn't want to over pay for school and learn hands on training. The secretary Maudi was also a good help to answer questions i had as well as relay a message to instructor when i was running late.

Awesome learning experiance.

This company has really taught me the components of refrigeration and how they each work. Mr. Eric makes it so easy to understand the subject. I Recommend This school to everybody.

Great School and Staff

I have learned alot from Eric. He cares about what he teaches and he cares about his students. I thank him for him caring. God bless you Mr. Eric.

Dario Ruben Perez Jr.

Outstanding instruction by a passionate and dedicated

instructor. Fast paced instruction is designed in a way to be easy to understand and is repetitious to retain learning. It's a much better way to learn than learning a few concepts over a long period of time. Retention over that long period is difficult. Put the effort in to learn and be amazed at your knowledge after two weeks.

Chris A


I had a great experience here, walk in nothing nothing about A/C and in just a few months I learned alot and are ready to take what I learned and apply it to my new carrer. I am very satisfied with what I learn. I would recomend this school to anyone who wants to get into this field.

Jose Hugo Razo

Good school i like the hands on teaching.

Jon-Eric Gonzales
hhcc plumbing

I hailly recomend this school...I had a really good experience and learned alot from Eric.

Gustavo Ortuno
Moore & Associates

I had exprinces befor to take this calss, but now I know a lot of thing about HVAC. Mr Eric is a good teacher that I did not have befor.He explain every thing and to make sure that we learned about those. Thank you Mr Eric

Nejatollah ZabihI Amrei

Quick course

Eric, our instructor, was amazing. I came in wothout any prior knowledge of A/C or heating and after this course I was able to not only troubleshoot any problems with the systems but also fix them with ease. Great trade school if your willing to push yourself and accept the challenge of becoming an HVAC technician in a short amount of time.

Also thank you Mari, for all the assistance and job interviews towards the end of the course.(She will take your resume and update it and shoot it out to several companies during your course) it hepls the process and honestly brings the school together nicely.

Patrick Stevens

I really enjoyed coming to class every evening even after a long day at work. Mary was always nice and helpful Eric was a great instructor with a structured teaching method that was easy to learn. Fantastic school.

Rodrigo Borge
Larue Tactical

Good fast pace school

Overall a good school to learn hvac. i felt the instructor (Eric) was firm and got his point across when teaching a lesson. i recommend it to anybody who doesn\'t want to over pay for school and learn hands on training. The secretary Maudi was also a good help to answer questions i had as well as relay a message to instructor when i was running late.

Learned a lot of information in a short amour of time and never thought that it could be done. Very helpful staff and very nice class. Not a huge class but gives you more opportunity to ask questions and learn.

Nathan Houston
Rich services

I enjoyed the training. The staff was great. The instructor was engaging and willing to go as far to help you with the more difficult areas. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about HVAC training.

Joe M Hill

I enjoyed the training. The staff was great. The instructor was engaging and willing to go as far to help you with the more difficult areas. Would recommend to anyone who is serious about HVAC training.

Joe M Hill

Fast Learning with great understandable concepts

The prof was great at explaning step by step instructions for heat/ac/furnace systems. When class did not understand something he would explain with real life concepts that would make the class understand. Learning how each component works enables the student to troubleshoot the entire system. The teaching metholodgy was great as well. He allowed the students to be teachers so everyone can learn multiple times in short amount of time. If you put in effort then the class will last with you forever.

Alex Rozo

Top School in the Country

One of the best learning experiences I have ever had. Eric's is the second to none with his way of teaching. He make sure you know the theory and hands on as well. I recommend this school to anyone. I want to thank you for bringing out the best in me. I didn't just leave with a certificate, I left with better ideas on how to teach and train others. Thanks again for everything.

Manny Ramirez
Mighty Ram

Great School.

You can learn a lot in a short time. Eric makes sure you understand the material. I highly recommend this school.


Rewarding Experience

I feel very capable to go out into the job market and look for a job. Eric has taught me a plethora of information, and i'm just excited to get started and put the schoolwork to the test in the real world! This school is so helpful with everything that you need to succeed, would recomend to anyone looking for an effective and fast way to get your HVAC License.


Very knowledgeable teacher, works with everyone to make sure they completely understand how hvac systems work. Best school in Texas for learning refrigeration and air conditioning.

clifton hearne

Great School and Staff

I have been in the Plumbing Industry for several years.
I have attended several courses in the past for different
fields ( Med Gas Certificatoin school and Backflow Certification School ) I am very please with the level of
professionalism Mr Shavani and his staff have shown all
of us in the last few week. I have learned alot and I would
recommend this school to anyone who is instrested in the HVAC Field. Thanks to all of you for the work you are doing. May the Lord continue to Bless you, your business and your family always.

Azcarry Daniel Martinez
ADM Plumbing Services LLC

The class was very helpful in learning about hvac. The facility is cheerful and very respectable.

eugene lucas
Eugene Lucas

Most valuble oppurtunity to learn HVAC essentials

Statring the first day i was having a tough time trying figure out how i was going to learn all the information.
Although by the day of the first test it was stunned, it was incredible howmuch i had learned, and i was able to pass the test with flying colors. This school builds your confidence immensly, and by the time you graduate you WILL be confident in what you are doing. Great school and great professor! i would highly reccomend this course to anyone wanting to get into the HVAC/R field.

Jesse James Soto
jesse soto

A Great Learning !

Mr. Shahvandi has teaching skills that even a simple person like me can understand. You will learn at a fast pace mixing classroom and lab, hands on skills. You will NOT be board and definnitly understand all the information quickly.Classes are small and reasonably priced. I recommend this to all interested indiviguals that have a willingness to learn. In my class there are students from 20 to 69 so your never too old to learn a new trade.
Alfred Kager

Thank You Mr. Shahvandi

Alfred Kager


I still can't believe that I learned this much in 2 1/2 weeks. I am a college graduate with a degree in electronics. So I was sceptical when I heard I could become a HVAC tech in this amount of time. I now am a believer. I think it has a lot to do with the instructor. Very great guy who delivers the material in such an understanding way. Not only was the material delivered so well but the instructor would always do his best to make sure everyone understood the material before we moved on. When I was in college I would always have to study after lectures because there was so much I still did not understand. For this course I pretty much did not have to do any at home studying because of how well I understood the material in class. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody looking to get into the HVAC field. This instructor is awesome and is definitely changing lives.

Michael Hernandez

Es asombroso como aprendi todo el prosedimiento en tan solo 2 semanas tomando en cuenta que el ingles que ablo o escrivo no es muy bueno pero la tecnica que el maestro utilisa es increible pude memorisar todo el prosedimiento en ingles la manera enque esplica lo dibuja y lo ensena es absolutamente increible el mejor maestro que e tenido en toda my bida UNA ESCUELA A TODO DAR

Enrique Acosta

loved the class, i didnt know anything about air conditioning but to change an air filter at my house. loved the way he teaches, makes sure that u understand what he is talking about at the moment, you really learn alot and its fast paste, loves that he puts preassure on us so we can be on learning mode not wasting time mode. i highly recommend this class to anybody that really wants to learn something new and really wants to know about air conditioning.

roberto iruegas

very great class , great secratery , Very fast paise class not for SLACKERS!

Dawaun Booker

One of the best schools I have ever attended. The short 2 week time frame gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently learn and retain the knowledge needed for this industry. The instructor is both friendly and strict, but it's truly the best combination. With small 10 person classes, you truly get the one on one time needed if you ever feel behind in your studies.

I plan on telling others about this school, it was worth every penny put in.

James Ryan Joel Czyzak

kipp austin public schools

Teacher and staff was great.Learned alot about the hvac system even being around it before comming here. Great course to take.

michael mojica
kipp austin public schools

Best course I have ever attended. Eric has so much passion in making sure we understand all material and insures we physically do it hands on and explain all phases. Every day I come to class I know I'm learning and understanding something new that will help me out through my a/c career. Thank you for your patients and teaching knowledge.

max chapa
malek service

This has been a great experiance. The way Eric teaches is great. I have learned more in two and half week than i have in ten years in this feild. thank you Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School

Fernando Hernandez

Central Texas AC is an awesome school. The instructor Mr. Eric Shavandi does an amazing job of condensing alot of high quality information into a short period of time. I would recommend this school over any other trade school hands down.

Ethan Schlitt
Malek Service Company

Great school, great teacher. Anyone looking to get into refrigeration should definitely look ino this school.

Eric Bullock

I'm so happy joined the class. i grasped a lot skills within this short time. i'm confident on all about refirigeration and air conditioning wether it is residential or commercial appications

amanu asmamaw tagele

its very cool class I learned a lot of stuff about the Hvac and the structure has very unqie way the achieving the material and the time
Im realy geat alot of from this class

ahmed jwad abdulhussein

Class was very informative, and was helpful in understanding how HVAC works. Would recommond it to anyone who want to learn more about HVAC

son hoa thai

Best A/C School by far!!! Worth every penny!!!

Jeffrey Michael Green

Industrial Contract Company

It was awesome, learned a lot in the small amount of time I was here. The instructor Eric is very knowledgeable in what he teaches and the way teaches makes it easy to learn the material.

Barry Joe Harvey
Wolseley Integrated Services

this school is real helpfull for student
financial and save lots of time i realy learn what peaple
learn in 9 to 12 month
this school have nice ezy teach method

Rahemtulla Sharva

Awesome School !!!!!!!

I have never had a better learning experience in my life. I learned the material and UNDERSTOOD it. Eric is a very good teacher. He has a way of training that sinks in. Classroom training combined with hands-on training. Small classes allow you to get one-on-one. I arrived here and didn't know anything about AC or refrigeration and 2-1/2 weeks later I am HVAC Certified Technician. I Highly recommend Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School to anyone that plans on becoming an AC and refrigeration Tech. It is way more cost efficient and it takes a fraction of the time. If your serious about it there isn't a better place to attend. If you wish to speak to me and ask any questions please feel free to contact me @ (254) 721-7836 or if your AC needs repair!!!

Lairen Hallmark

Lairen D. Hallmark

Incredible HVAC Course!

I work for the Product Quality Operations department at Nestlabs, Inc, maker of the Nest Learning Thermostat. While I have a great understanding of how thermostats function, my major knowledge gaps were on the HVAC side of things.

This course is invaluable to me, and has already made me a better employee at my job. Eric is an amazing instructor, who focuses on information retention and recall. Eric was great at explaining information, and then showing how that information applies to HVAC systems in a hands-on format.

While I will not be leaving my current job anytime soon, I am certain that I could walk into an HVAC certified position with little effort. I can't recommend Eric and his HVAC school enough.

Automotive Repair

I have never learned so much information and retained it in 2 1/2 weeks . Before this course I had no idea of how A/C and Heating worked. Eric is the best instructor I've ever met. His way of teaching has definitely been perfected over the years. All the information in his class is clear and very helpful. He gave me very useful tools for my future in the A/C & Heating industry. I would recommend Central Texas A/C & Heating school to anyone who really wants to learn how to perform A/C & heating services properly. Now that I am finished the course I feel very confident in ,my knowledge of what i'm about to embark on. Thank you Eric and the Central Texas A/C & Heating School for believing in me.

Adam Algarin
A Plus Mobil Auto Service

Eric is a great teacher, This class is awesome!!

He may seem strict but he actually cares and wants you to learn. if you participate with the teachings and actually study the material you will do good. I never had a teacher or professor teach on such a high level as Eric does, he goes into the system step by step. i came in here knowing absolutely nothing and today 2.5 weeks later I can troubleshoot and repair an AC, Heat pump, gas or electric furnace and most systems. He takes pride in his students. also the cost of the class was really worth it.this isnt a school or teacher that just wants your money. this man has lots of integrity and shows respect for each individual and always has you and your family or (dependents) future in mind

Luis O. Mujica


I came to this school bec. unlike others it has real units to work on, instead of just text book reading.
Eric teaches whats needed, not extra fluff that youll never use. Eric is a great teacher who will give you the time of day if you dont understand something.

Isaac G.

Juice and Smoothie company

Great School if you want to really learn come here. hands on learning and friendly teacher. best education you will ever get in a quarter the time.

Smith McCain

Fantastic Training

An amazing teacher that cares whether or not you are actually learning, not just being taught. Lot's of hands on work, lots of demonstrating what you know, and lots of usable knowledge. Really looking forward to getting to practice what I have learned here.

Jeffrey Grantham
Camp Eagle

My experience was beyond expectations with respect to the level of information taught and learned. Eric is not only thorough but shows real life situations and focuses on what you need to know leaving out all unnecessary information. I have made a great decision coming to this school and am leaving confident when starting a new career within the HVAC Industry. This class is very respectful and informative and Eric has mastered the art of teaching it.

Michael Douglas Johns

My experience was beyond expectations with respect to the level of information taught and learned. Eric is not only thorough but shows real life situations and focuses on what you need to know leaving out all unnecessary information. I have made a great decision coming to this school and am leaving confident when starting a new career within the HVAC Industry. This class is very respectful and informative and Eric has mastered the art of teaching it.

Michael Douglas Johns

Great class!! I came here with a few years of experience but not really knowing what ive been doing. Eric is an excellent teacher and exceeded my expectations.

Ray Weston

Fantastic Learning Experience

Great learning environment with a well constructed course to really understand and grasp the materiel. A awesome place to understand and learn the HVAC system.

Arturo Rangel


I came to Central Texas A/C and Refrigeration with 0 HVAC knowledge. I am proud to say I am a Certified Technician with working knowledge of A/C, Heating, And Refrigeration Cycles. I cannot believe it. Eric is a phenomenal teacher!!

Jared Joseph Poehl

For a two week type school I learn more then what I was learning in community college, This was hard but you will learn more because the way it is tought.

Angel Padilla
Central Texas A/C Refrigeration

great school to atent lern so much every thing is streight to the poit recommended to every one out there.

jonathan enriquez

cool place to learn

You can start this course not knowing what HVAC even means and finish this course a very knowledgeable technician. Erik will do whatever it takes to ensure each and every student understands all the material .

Barry Bruce Bergner
Great Hills Country Club

Excellent school, excellent teacher, excellent pay raise..

Started off knowing next to nothing about how the A/C system truly works. Now I am confident to go into the field and know I can fix any problem I encounter. I already have jobs waiting for me to be certified, awesome feeling.

Dakota Repa
Repa Plumbing & A/C

A great place to learn

Central Texas A/C and refrigeration School has been a wonderful experience for me. Eric has a awesome gradation system for teaching that really helps the information stick. and a genuine concern for his students and their ability to understand and preform the work.

Lynn Bennett
Streamline Technical Services

excellent school.

at first when i started in here, i didnt know anything about a/c. with the time, i start to learn a lot of good stuff. i learned something new each day at school. we had a great teacher and he used a real good material.

juan guerrero
elmcroft of austin

Erik is a great teacher. He really knows how to teach in a way you can understand. I would highly recommend his school for anyone wanting to get into the HVAC field.

Jeffrey Avery
Comal Isd

A great setting to learn the HVAC system.

If a HVAC knowledge is what you seek, then HVAC knowledge is what you will receive. I could not have come to a better school to receive the training I needed to move ahead in this field. I recommend to those who seek such training to try this place. The price is great, the teaching is great, and the atmosphere is fantastic.


Learned a lot...

Eric is great teacher, his way of conducting class was very clear to me. I had no problem understanding what he taught us. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Jose Jimenez

Extraordinary School!! With an Extraordinary teacher!

I was unsure about HVAC as a career choice. I didn't know if I would be interested or how complex the information would be to learn. With Eric Shahvandi as your teacher, the HVAC system becomes extremely easy. The course seems long, but Eric keeps an upbeat and positive attitude throughout the class. He motivates you to learn the material. The class is a lot of hands on, classmate to classmate learning. There is never a dull moment. Loved the class!!!!

Gunner Troy Tatum

Great experience

I was able to quickly understand the material presented and follow the lesson plan. Eric was great at explaining everything and very patient, I was able to recognize problems and ways to diagnose the systems i work on by the second day. I am really excited to take what I have learned here and apply it to real world situations.


Great School!

I think it was a great experience and I learned a lot about HVAC very quickly. I think the school gave me the information I needed to obtain a job very quickly.

Central Texas AC and Refrigeration

I came into this course with no previous HVAC knowledge and now feel 100% confident in my knowledge and skills that I learned in the 2 1/2 weeks. I highly recommend this school for anybody looking to change their career.

Adrian Martinez

Great School!

I learned so much and very easy to understand with the hands on training and all the notes we took, was a great experience for me Thanks......

Michael L. Gonzales

Great Experience and Learned so much.

Glad I took this 2 1/2 week course fast learning but the way he shows you is right on. You won't forget if you just take the time and study.. I liked how it was class and lots of hands on.. Great Instructor

Alvin Sassenhagen Jr.

Awesome Class, fast paced hands on training.

Kawika DeHart

Hands on training and personal attention

If you\\\'re considering HVAC training, you should consider this school. The hands on training translates to actionable experience. After this coarse, you\\\'ll have a working knowledge of HVAC in both theory and real world practice. Classes are engaging, the material is interesting and you\\\'re not bogged down with the ridiculous amount of specifics that \\\'traditional\\\' training programs give you. You won\\\'t waste your time...not to mention the friendly learning environment. Our group was pounding the books from day one while still cracking jokes and having fun. Want a new career that makes good money and challenges your brain? Then come to this school.

Skyler Madsen

This is a great program. The pace is lightning-fast, allowing a person to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and training in a remarkably short amount of time. I highly recommend this school.

Robert Witt

two and half weeks of training it was helpful and learned a lot in that short period of time

Sahand Derakhshani

Great School!

Central Texas AC and Refrigeration puts on a great course. I can say without a doubt that I learned quite a bit during my time.

Great School

Awsome class and teacher, came to this school not knowing anything about hvac and now I feel real confident about knowing everything there is know about hvac.

John Velarde

great school

Eric (course instructor) made learning the material fun and easy. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a career in the hvac field. I am amazed at the amount of information that i have learned in such a short amount of time.

phil amans

When I started I didn\'t know anything about the AC System

I came to this school to start a new career in AC/Heating.
I came here with no knowledge of the AC system. But in 2 and half weeks I leaving here with a good base knowledge to start a career.

Thomas Rawlinson

good school if ya want to lern

fast paced,extensive coverage,deffently going to learn hands on. over all good school. enjoyed it!! eric is a good teacher and will make sure you undersatnd mulptple different teaching styles.


Excellent fast-paced training program for motivated learners

I took the twelve-day HVAC program, which includes EPA certification. It is fast-paced and I learned a lot. Eric makes sure that everyone knows the material before we graduate. If you take the course, be prepared to study A LOT, to be on time for class every day, so you won't be left behind. This course teaches as much information in twelve days as some other schools teach in several months, and you will pay a lot less.

Philip Wilson

Great school!

Is amazing how much you can learn in 2 and a half weeks. Eric is very knowledgeable and teaches very good, he pushes his students to be the best.
You have to come to school everyday and give it your best.
I highly recommend to take this classes if you are looking to get in the hvac field

Enrique Sanchez

School of Knowledge

I traveled from New Mexico with no knowledge of AC & Refrigeration and leaving Texas knowing how to troubleshoot a gas furnace and refrigeration system, also knowing how to wire a ac system without a wiring schematic. Small classes makes a lot of difference

Anthony Jiron
Isleta Health Center

Service Technician and Installer

I've learned a lot about a/c and electronic components.
I didn't know anything before I came to Central Texas A/C and Refrigeration School. I would recommend anyone who is interested in a new career in become an
a/c technician and installer.

Roel Contreras

Great educational school

I came in knowing nothing about Hvac and learned more than I even thought I would.

Jaime Castaneda
ALO transportation

You Can Learn Too!!

Eric always has the student in his best interest, and will work with you until you understand the topic being discussed. In 13 days I learned the skills I need to start my career as an HVAC service technician. I feel that I made a great decision when I enrolled in this school.

Todd Weaver


Many thanks to CTARS for their help teaching me HVAC and refrigerant systems. I achieved awesome knowledge retention and skills only years of field training and experience could compare to. My experience is the full time course terming two an a half weeks. The information load alone seems impassable. The instructor makes the course passing at 90% retention possible with an abundance in field relative knowledge. This only backs his unequal organizational and teaching methods. Thank you again Eric and all Central Texas a/c and refrigeration staff for a chance at a career.

Ryan Nissen

AC school

School was very good very good teaching where you understand material.

Nathan Lente

AC school

Best school you learn a lot in two weeks I came to this school didn't know anything about ac now I know many thing about how Ac works

hamed berenji

great school to learn ac and refrigeration

Eric teaches the class in a simple and fun way.he has a great way of using analogies to help you understand the material.its a fast pace learning experience that anyone can do if you commit 100% of yourself to learning the material.i had a great time learning with Eric and Sid highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to get into the ac industry.

johnny soriano

great place to learn

you will not believe how much you can learn.Eric is the best teacher i have ever had in my life.you will learn.

marvin douglas sizemore

Great,Awsome,and Rewarding

I came to Central Texas Ac/Heating school with the intent on starting a new career,since I am mainly a floor guy. I have never known anything about AC/Heating systems and my time here has giving me all the tools I needed in my new career field. I was taught the correct way step by step and it paid off. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to learn by the best.

Levester Milligan
Levi The Floor Guy

excellent school.

I walked in class without any kind of knowledge with cooling system. After 2 weeks, I'm very knowledgeable of the cooling and furnace system. I'm very glad that I came to this school. If I can fix my cooling and furnace unit at home. I'm very satisfied, which I'm very confident to fix my unit since I'm trained.

Pete Huot

very educational

I like how the classes are small. There was only 6 of use in class. The class is only 2 1/2 weeks long. The teachers are very good at what they do. If you are having trouble they stick with you and not let you fall behind. I highly recommend this school to anyone wanting a career in this field.

Thomas N. Steinmetz
crawfish shack & Oyster bar

Superb teaching methods

I came into class knowing very little about HVAC. Now I know I have the ability to go out with confidence and provide great service. Eric's teaching methods work great at helping you comprehend the material. He really cares about his students and makes sure that everyone understands the process correctly. He makes you feel that your investment was the correct choice. Thank you for everything Eric and Sid.

Levi Zuniga
Arise Services

Great and to the Point

The school is great but without the instructor it wouldn't be a school. Eric is a good instructor. He is to the point and explains what is needed either instructed or by answering OUR questions. Thank You Eric, I will continue to learn in this field.

Carlos Ramirez, Jr.
Buffallo Wild Wings

Straight up and thorough

Great teacher with a high level of professionalism. This school offers the most bang for your buck. Lots to learn as long as your driven.

Eric and Sid thanks a bunch.

Bets school I ever attend it

I never though i was going to learn so much in so little time, is a good school to learn the HVAC material, i hoping for a better life and better income in the next couple of months....

Luis A Bermudez
La Ranchera Inc

Great,Awsome,and Rewarding

Great presentation of high quality HVAC material. I have no regrets coming to this school. Eric was great, very knowledgeable, and a really cool dude. I have not learned so much material in such a short time since the military, however this was way more fun. Thanks Eric! and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Anthony W.,

Anthony Williams

we provide services for contractors , oil and gas fields by providing module offices

i had the opportunity to learn further more and update my skills in the air conditioning and refrigeration field it was an intense and mind blowing full of great information and will like to thank Mr. Erick for spending the time and patience in this process to Central A/C and Refrigeration thanks .
sincerely Luis Echavarria

Great School. Well worth the money. Eric makes sure to structure the classes so everything is easy to learn. Awesome class.

Brandon Ullman

Eric's methodology and teaching methods are second to none. I work for a high tech company and can incorporate some of his methods in my mentoring. I came to CTARS to learn HVAC as it is something I have always wanted to do. Since I work M-F, Saturday is the only day available for me to attend class, so this weekend class was ideal. Great class and facilities. Thanks Eric.


Wow, refrigeration taught in a manor everyone understands...my hat is off to school and Eric/Sid.

I am retired from oil field.. I'm starting my own ice cream business. I have complete knowledge of ref. system. This school is the best that there is. I am sure there is no better school.

Thank you Eric and Sid

David Paul

Excellent HVAC School in Austin

I attended school for 110 Hrs. We had the best teacher who is Phd and knows in and out of HVAC its is a through in teaching. I am glad that I attended this School and feel confident to do good job in the field. Its a very well equipped school. Strongly recommend to all .

Zaeem Lutfi

Central Texas A/C & Refrigeration school is the best school I've ever went to

I came to CT & learned everything I've could have in a short period of time. Its way better than any other college because the teacher is right there with you and is very hand on with you. I'm certain I've picked the best school.


Great School. Sid and Eric were great. Learned a lot and enjoyed it.

I would recommend Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School to anyone who wants to learn HVAC. Eric is a great teacher with a great method. You learn a lot and very quick and are able to retain the information well through Eric's teaching method.

Travis Touey

thank you for the education

When I started this class. I Had been working in HVAC for a few years out of state. when I was looking for work all the employers asked if I was Texas state certified.
The class is fluid from subject to subject. All the systems that we learn are easy to relate to and flow from one to the next.

Aaron Bevan

College Student

The course was concise and 2.5 weeks long. I was introduced subjects and concepts that I had never seen. The instructor had an impressive education and background. Several students received the motivation and support needed to complete the course successfully.

Norm Smith
College Student

Intense learning experience!

Central Tx AC School is a fast paced concentrated learning environment. Dr. Shahvandi is very knowledgeable and presents the material in an understandable format. The hands-on labs are invaluable for on the spot experience.

Momir Radosavljevic

Great school, learned a lot.

very good school very intense the professor teaches very well and makes sure you learn and understand everything pretty happy with the staff i came all the way from Arizona and leaving very happy i recommend this school if you really want to learn and make a career in hvac

javier changking


Even if you work in HVAC, you will LEARN MORE in the first day here than months of schooling. Mr. Shahvandi is truly a great teacher and I would recommend this class to anyone eager to learn about how HVAC really works.

Brian Spinks

Grade A teaching

This refrigeration school is very good. It is only 3 weeks so therefore very in-depth. It's very hands on, and intellectually stimulating. I came to this school having zero knowledge on refrigeration systems and afterwards I feel comfortable enough to work on different refrigeration systems.

Carlos Bihl
Rich Services

*Intense* Training and Practical hands on training

I came into the school not sure of what to expect out of the coarse. I was skeptical of what I could learn in three short weeks. When the three weeks where up (went by super fast) I had my EPA "universal" and more knowledge than other school that could take up to a year to complete.
Great training and learning model. Thanks to the staff at CTARS (Sid and Erik) I'm on my way to a great career!

James Zell

This was a great school!

This school is a great! I learned a lot in this past 2 and a half weeks! The teacher is great and is a good guy! I would recommend this school to anyone!

Armando Nieto Jr

Excellent school

I love the course and I learned a whole lot in just two and a half weeks. I learned a lot from Sid and Eric. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to truly understand HVAC.

Michael Bledsoe
City of Elgin

Great School full of Information, and a Great Instructor

The course I took was only 2.5 weeks long, but full of information, and we did plenty of hands on with the A/C systems. Not only did we go over a lot, all the information will be applied out in the field. The pace of the class is great, and the instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking in to being an A/C technician.

Brendon Rich
Rich Services

Great school, learned a lot of information.

The most I have ever learned in two weeks.
The Teacher has pacific steps on how to teach you the basics. From there on everything falls into place when learning this class. Great experience. I wish I had done it sooner.

Brian Foto
Boat Town


This is hands down the best hvac school i've been too, its a lot of work and dedication that you have to put forth in order to understand the concept. if you pay attention then this will be easy for you to understand. you'll learn a lot from sid and eric, thanks guys! so what are you waiting for, get off the couch and sign up!

Ramon Martinez

Great school , simple and easy!!!!!

Life was so hard coming from a city where violence was a normal thing, Miami ,Fl.Growing up i learned from peoples mistake and followed the wrong path.I made bad choices and really learned that life is really short, and especially having kids. So i put my foot down and started moving foword and found out about Central Texas a/c school. Once they said it takes two and a half weeks i couldn't believe it but i tried. just the first three days i learned so muchi couldn't believe it... what i can say today was the day i started a good life . i thank this school , central texas a/c for teaching what i need to know and defend my self out there in the field .....thk you very much

Jose Valenzuela


This is hands down the best hvac school i've been too, its a lot of work and dedication that you have to put forth in order to understand the concept. if you pay attention then this will be easy for you to understand. you'll learn a lot from sid and eric, thanks guys! so what are you waiting for, get off the couch and sign up!

Ramon Martinez

The Best School Ever

This has been a very good learning experience in two and a half weeks. I have learned a lot of new information in a short amount of time. The teacher here has passion and patients with the students, being that most of us had no prior experience. I am glad to say that anyone who wants to learn HVAC, this is the place in a short amount of time, even though you have no experience. I wouldn't waste my time in any other school because this one is number 1 in my book.


hard but good

it is a lot of information to absorb but it pays off in the end. you honestly get out what you put in it. this class really helps understand and know how the heat and refrigeration cycles work and function. Eric was vary fair and understanding about the way other people learn.

shane tyler shaw
petrocelli services

Fast Paced Learning by a Knowledgeable Instructor

Excellent Instructors and very fast paced learning. Learned more in 2 weeks than I ever have before. But everything is put into plain language that you can understand. Great Experience!


They are great teachers

Eric has a way of taking the material and breaking it down into the simplest way of understanding.I learned a lot of important material, in a short amount time!

Steven Hoagland

Great school, ton of information, and excellent instructors!

Learned a lot in two weeks.Instructors simplified the material and made it easy to comprehend. ThankYou

Phillip Bunker

Great school, I came in knowing very little about HVAC now I know i can take my skills to the real world and get a great job.The teachers are superb they break everything down to the simplest form so that anyone can learn if you fail it because you did put in the effort. Two thumbs up!!

Joseph C. Quirino

good information

I had fun and learned some electrical and didn't have to pay for it, all in all a couple of weeks well spent. Superheat subcool phase shift ect all good stuff.

Justin Gray

Very informative school

I have learned enough in the two weeks to be confident of how the ac works,also all the knowledge to trouble shoot the system.Eric and Sid are great instructors and dont leave anyone behind.

Jason Delaughter

Excellent school , thorough hands on learning with super knowledgeable teachers. Great teaching technique made learning allot of material easy and fun to learn.
I recommend this class to anyone over going to a community college. After completing this course i will have no problem getting a great job and performing well in the refrigeration field.

Courtney Gibbons
Big Medicine Sound And Lighting

I recommend it. like the way they teach

This training helped me to be more secure with myself and express myself better in the field. Thank to them I learned a lot, and thank you Rick. I really enjoyed the training.

israel valdez
rosending electric

hvac training

i have enjoyed my night class here with all the guys. it was a fun and overall good learning experience. i would recommend this class for any entry level person in the hvac field. it is impossible to say you will learn every single thing to know about air conditioning but overall you will leave here knowing all the fundamentals and schematics to get you started.

Alan Martinez
dr handyman

Great Class

I started in the day class and got sick for a couple of days and was moved to the night class. The trainers and staff are very willing to do what they have to, to make sure you get though the class. The night teacher Rick was a great trainer he explained everything in a way to make you understand better. Rick even stayed passed class hours to help with things I was having problems with. All in all best A/C Heating class to attend.

Jonathan Thomas Herzog

Great school, learned a lot.

I really enjoyed the time that y'all have put into your studies and your labs to show us in the best possible way. I really enjoyed it and i will recommend this school to anyone i know or meet that wants to join the AC and Heating field.

Ryan Wagner
Dayton Ac & Heating

awesome school. already have some friends that want to come and join the school

I am so glad that i found this school on the web. have learned a lot and will apply it to work. thanks for all your great teaching.

Michael Garza

Great experience Prefect for fundamentals!

I work in the field of A/C wanted to take a class to learn more about my job.. This is the place. Great knowledgeable instructors.

Awesome School! Highly recommended.

The material is presented in a way that not one student can't achieve success in this course. Instructors are knowledgeable and really care about each individuals success.

Caleb Petter
National Oilwell Varco

Great school, ton of information, and excellent instructors!

it was a great experience. I had no background in HVAC and in a matter of a few weeks I was able to troubleshoot an entire HVAC system from electrical to mechanical in total confidence.
a great thank you to Rick for his great teaching

claude lavigne


Great teachers. Learned a lot of information.

Sean Collie

Great school, learned a lot.

Learned alot and the Instructor made it very easy to understand the tons of info we studied and tested.I would recommend this school to anyone looking for A/C certification in a short amount of time.

Kurt Louis Zachmann
Longhorn Village

Thorough training, Excellent Instructors!

In just 2 1/2 weeks I was ready for my start in the HVAC industry! The course was very intense but the instructors made the materials easy to understand and worked hands on with each student. Within 6 months I was interviewing and received a position as HVAC assist at Ercot! Now I'm trouble shooting, servicing and maintaining a wide variety of HVAC equipment including 200 ton water cooled Trane chillers in a primary/secondary loop configeration, VAVs, VFDs, 200 ton air cooled York chillers, 220 ton Trane RTUs as well as Bard units and 2 1/2 ton to 15 ton Carrier splits! Thanks to all the staff at Central TX AC/R for all their time and extra efforts to get me going! My choice to go HVAC/R has turned my life around!

Great school and professors.

Great program I would recommend to any one wanting the enter this field. Great course, professors are very knowledgeable and puts information into ways that are understandable.

Justin Wilson

Great school, ton of information, and excellent instructors!

I really enjoyed the whole class, and got to add a lot of background information to my electrical skills. The instructor is definite very knowledgeable and skilled, but is able to convey and teach the class very well.
If you are interested in AC at all, I would highly recommend this course.

Trevor Lange

Results for the willing

This school gives everything it promises and then some more, but only if you are willing to give 100% for 2 weeks straight. This school requires you to take it completely seriously with very little downtime and lots of studying, and will not tolerate lollygagging. If, however, you are buckle down for 2 weeks and give it your actual best, you will learn more here in less than a month than you will with a year of training anywhere else.

James Avis

Great school, learned a lot.

This school is probably the best education I have seen in a while. Everything was covered in a very thorough manner and each subjects understanding was checked before moving on. This is quite easily the best school in the area to learn this material. The instructors are intelligent and have a very clear understanding of the subject matter. A+ school.

William Pospisil
Orion Machinery NA

Awesome School. Highly recommended.

Great school, learned a lot in two and a half weeks. The instructor helps you out, but you have to pay attention and ask question. Great School. Highly recommended.

Edin Cruz

Great school, learned a lot.

I was a little intimidated at the beginning of this course. Primarily because other schools that offer the same course, do so for much longer periods of time. (9 months at some schools) But the way that Erik teaches is awesome. He not only teaches you the information, but he makes you teach it back to your peers. This type of peer to peer learning really helped make the information stick, as well as create a fun environment for all of us. I made friends easier and had a good time learning the information. I feel that I can easily step out into the industry and start working today.

Jessie Walker

I learned so much in 2 weeks!

The material was provided in a way that allowed for good retention and comprehension. They start with the basics and build on to it in such a way that will have you amazed with how much you actually remember and know at the end of 2 weeks! Great course, I highly recommend it if you are serious about getting into the field!

James Wise

great beginning

eric teaching skill requires complete participation. the hands on teaching will make you study, pay attention to detail which is required in the hvac field. thanks eric.

steve mabry

This course is tough, but at the end you'll know HVAC backwards and forwards. There's a lot of hands-on.

Kevin Kral

Awesome class!

It's an awesome class, the teacher is hard on you but it's well worth it. It is a change of life after you complete the course. And this school is for you if you are wanting different lifestyle and career. I suggest you to sign up ASAP.

Carlos J LLanes

Excellent school, no doubt i will recomend, to any body to take the course

Very good school, i am glad i decide to take this course, i have been working into the a/c field, but now i have learned a lot more. Thank to Eric, he is a very good instructor.

Oscar Fernando Arguello
Capital Fast Food (burger King)

Very Knowledgeable School with Hands On Training

school is grate it really teaches you a lot the teacher Eric was great explaining the material i would give this school a 9/10 wish there was more preparation for the EPA test but other than that is a great school.

jose hernandez
deposition technology


Best life choice i ever made!!!!!
Very hands on experience and a pace even i could follow.

Lavell Rockwell

Excellent School

This is a very good school. In 12 weeks I have learned everything about HVAC even though I have 7 years working in the AC field. As a technician I knew very limited amount of knowledge & skills compare to what I know now that I have finished this class. From now on I can service HVAC systems on my own without any help from. I feel very confident to go back in the HVAC field.

riem vu
aircraft mech.

Great School

This was a great school. For the short amount of time we got a great amount of information. Eric is a great teacher. He does a great job making sure everyone in the class has a good understanding of the information before moving on.
I would highly recommend the class if you are looking to get into the H VAC industry.

David Wylie


This was hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made. There's no better investment than in yourself and this program gives you all the information and more to help you excel in this field.

Arthur Thomas

Great course

Intensive training, in two weeks you learn how to maintain, troubleshoot and fix AC,/Heating, refrigerators, Ice machine and many other equipment. It is a great value for your money! Thanks!

Fantastic school! Instructor & staff are very friendly and helpful. Course is taught in a manner that is easy to understand. Highly Recommended & a real pleasure.

Shaun Wolf
Keller Williams

best class ever

this class has expanded my knowledge dramatically
I would and will recommend this program to anyone interested in learning H.V.A.C
(best class ever)


Sean Bray
Sean Bray gen contractor

Best Decision Ever!

I came into this course not knowing anything about A/C units or how they work. After the first 1st week I felt like my brain was going to explode with all the information and knowledge we had covered! It's exciting to learn at this fast pace when you have an instructor who knows how to make it stick in your brain. I am now completely confident in my ability to understand these complex systems and trouble shoot reasonable situations! I can't hardly wait to start!

Thanks Eric for being an awesome instructor! I recommend this class to everyone and anyone, it's that good!

Matthew Martin

Great place to get started in HVAC

I didn't think it was possible to learn as much as I have in such a short time. I came into the class, knowing almost nothing about hvac, and now I am prepared for a stable future in this field. Eric is very knowledge-able and takes time to answer questions, in detail. Thanks to everyone at the school for their time and dedication.

Mike Stowell

Excellent School

I would like to say that i have learned alot from the instructor.I realy apreciate the opertunity to challenge my self.Eric has high expectations for his students and the way he teaches allows you to get the most out every lesson.I have learned more than i could have imagined. I would tell anyone if you could go to school and learn a new trade give this school a shot. You will not regret it P.S Eric I realy apreciate your patience and your willingness to help me understand the material.

Raymond Duran
Goodwill Indastries

Couldn't Have asked for a better program!

I worked in the electronic industry for over 25 years, and have been to several equipment training sessions this was the best two weeks of training a company could provide for hvac, the instruction was outstanding,very informative every question was answered and the methodology worked with each individual to extract the knowledge that was taught.

Narciso Rodriguez

Couldn't Have asked for a better program!

If you are looking for a career in the air conditioning and heating field then this school is an absolute must! I have learned more here than I ever could have expected! I took the 2-1/2 week course and have been blown away by their teaching philosophy and highly recommend this school to anyone looking for training in this field!

Shannon G. Wolf

Couldn't Have asked for a better program!

2 and 1/2 weeks have gone by and I can't believe how much I have learned! I came into the class with no experience in heating and cooling, or electricity, and after having completed the coursework I am very happy with what I have learned. I definitely feel that this class has prepared me well for the field, and will help me land a job in the industry which would have otherwise been very difficult with no prior experience. Great teachers, overall great experience, but when you come, be prepared to work hard and learn fast!

Howard Bynder

Excellent School

I very happy with the schooling I received at CTARS. Eric is extremely knowledgeable about the materiel he teaches. The way the school is structured makes it easy to learn the material. Lots of hands the equipment your learning to work on and the tools use to do so. Most of all Eric takes the time to make sure you understand what your learning and can put it in to practice once you leave his school.

Richard K. Hamshire
RKH Services

Awesome class!

Had been doing HVAC for about a year now and my boss didnt have time to train me so he sent me here to learn how to do service. On day one here at Central Texas AC and refrigeration school I had learned more than over the past year. The instructor is awesome he makes sure you learn and understand everything fully and his teaching methods really put it in your head to help you understand and remember it. I would recommend this school to everyone who is looking into starting a career in Hvac. This school will put you way ahead of everyone else just starting. 2 and half weeks certification you really cant beat that.

Truly a great school

This teacher was great at everything he taught. All we had to do is pay attention to what he teached us and we get it in our head. I can't ask for anything better and I am really blessed that I got this teacher to teach me things about AC. Now I have the idea to fix the AC and before this I had no idea about it.

Aamir Prasalla

Awesome class!

the way this school teach me is the perfect way to make me understand the everything .

Naser Berenji

Greatest School Ever

Mr. Eric has taught me a lot in the last 2 weeks. i can honestly say that i am in a way better position in life thanks to Mr. Eric. i appreciate the time that he took out of the class day to make sure we knew the material. I had a couple problems with somethings but Mr. Eric didn't give up on me. Mr. Eric is honestly is the best instructor i have had.

Joe Pagitt

This was the best technical instruction I have ever attended. The instructor made the material easy to digest and recall when doing hands on work. I recommend this class to anyone looking to get certified to work on HVAC systems.

Jeff Buckley

Making HVAC almost easy

I have attended Professor Eric's class at Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School. I learned in the days here more than just lessons about Air conditioners & furnaces, my teacher taught us to logically process information in front of us to better our lives. He is in my opinion one of the best instructors I have ever had, because time after time I witnessed him go beyond the call of just a teacher to customize the learning curve to better fit the student or students in need. This experience was truly amazing. Thanx 4eva Professor E!

ABA Appliance Inc.

The only choice!!

To any future students,

I thoroughly scrutinized several schools that offered the 2 week hvac course. I can say that I made the correct decision to select Central Texas A/C and Refrigeration School.

From the first day you can see the difference. Professor Eric is a subject matter expert. Combined with this knowledge is his passion to teach and genuine desire for all his students to grasp the material. Please do not think that memorization will get you through this course. Prof. Eric will test your newly acquired K.S.A. to make sure that you understand the system and how it works and not just memorization.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to embark on a new career or really learn how to be an A/C Tech.

Good luck,


Carmelo Jurado

Still can't believe what I learned in 2 weeks!!

I didn't know anything about air conditioners or electricity 2 weeks ago. Now I know all the components of the cooling & heating systems & how they work!! Mr. Shahvandi made all the concepts(mechanical,technical,& electrical ) easy to understand! I now have a professional skill that I can use for the rest of my life to take care of my family!!
Thank you Mr.Shavandi very much!!!
Rick Russell

Richard Russell

Great School!!!

Very good school, instructor was very detailed with lessons he taught. The hands on training makes it easy comprehend class. I had no experience coming into class and feel like I gained a great amount of knowledge from the training program at CTARS. Overall my experience was great and I enjoyed my time here.

Tejerique Dozier

Great Success!!!

Good teachers and environment. Reasonable Expectations. Great class to start off a professional career, or continue relevant line of work.

Barak Buzzetti
Office Depot

Great School

A total understanding in 2 weeks of AC refrigeration. It seemed fast, but I learned more than I knew more before coming here. There are other ways to learn this material, but this felt like the most straight forward way within a small amount of time. The method of teaching is a military style where everything comes at you once which made the amount of information easier to understand.

Suraj Berry

Excellent School

The staff here is phenomenal, the teaching methodology is excellent and demanding. Be prepared for a boot camp style experience with the lecturer shooting questions and challenging students on their logic and previous knowledge. Anyone can memorize a list of items and procedures where real learning comes is in understanding
the relationship and why things work and don't work. I feel confident in my abilities through this experience that I should be able to eventually continue my understanding of all HVAC and refrigeration system no matter how complex or large. I recommend this class not only for the HVAC knowledge but just for the educational value of the experience.

eric Marsh

It really does only take a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!

This school is exactly what I hoped it would be. It was very affordable, didn't require a lot of time to complete, fast paced but very informative. The facility is full of tools and equipment for hands on training. I am very glad I finally took this course.

Ray Gonzales

Great class

Great class to get basics in HVAC and refrigeration. I learned everything that I needed to get started in the HVAC industry. I gained a lot of knowledge and hands on experience in a very short time.

John M. LeBeau

Very Knowledgeable School with Hands On Training

A great school, with a very knowledgeable Instructor... Helps to make sure the students understand the information, by showing different analogies & visual aids. Even though the class length is only 2 1/2 wks, Eric makes sure that the whole class is involved, using peers to encourage everyone in class. He gives you the Refrigeration concepts, then goes through the Electrical functions of the Refrigeration... Great place to get a background on Refrigeration, for you to be able to go out and apply the concepts in the real world. Definitely would recommend to anyone, especially Equipment Maintenance people.

JR Renteria

great school to learn and get started.

I have recently finished my test and the knowledge and experience i have will push me forward into doing the a/c and refrigeration system with confidence on both the mechanical and electronics. The information we learn and also hands on not only tells me what to do but i have physical experience in doing these task to properly troubleshoot systems. Great school for any level of knowledge. thank you for the jumpstart.

Joseph Drosche

Great School

Eric is a Great instructor....is was a lot of fun learning at this school...Love the hands on training. Learned so much in the time I spent at this school with Eric Shahuandi............
In three months time learned a new career with Eric and acquired a new job in Refrigeration. 🙂

Michael Turrentine
Reddy Ice

remodeling residentia comercial

Erick shahvandi is one the grate teacher here in Austin teach best you neede n always try to be the best to the best

saul chavez

c store

up to the point a/c school no other stuff only a/c no waste of time and money

salimali sultan
zip n

Quick AC School

I came here to learn about the AC system for work because it was quick and trust me, this is a quick class and you learn! This is not a generic type class. You actually get your hands on the equipment and I love that type of learning. I highly recommend this to anybody going in to learn the AC for their own use or for their company's use like I have done. The Saturday classes are a great feature for this school.

Thad Schneider
Red Industrial

Powerful Education

I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to learn HVAC from this course. My knowledge and skill increased more then 10X.

Stay Cool,
Mike Silva

Mike Silva
Irenes AC & Heating

property managment

very helpful very relaxed learning environment a greatly

devin dewald
dewald corp.

Excellent Intermediate HVAC School

I really recommend this this school for older people as myself. Having missed the opportunity in my earlier years to go to a technical school and get my license, this is a perfect medium to get your license. Great school!! Love Eric, even though I got my tail "chewed on" a couple of times.

John L. Dooley
Aztec Paint and Tile Company

Great School

This is a great school to attend. Great atmosphere, great teaching in the short amount of time.

Christopher R. Templeman
Castle Crown Properties

Best 12 days of school ever

Eric, makes A/C and refrigeration look easy. It would have taken me 10 months to do what we did in 12 days.
Thanks Eric and Sid for all your help.

Rocky alba

Truly a great school

Before I came to this school I was stuck working dead end jobs . Now I have a trade and knowledge that is going to open up more doors for me than I've ever had . I know that cause of this school my life is never going to be the same, for the better.

Jeff Hobart

Awesome Class!

i was in this school for 2 weeks and i learn how a hvac unit works that was a great experience, thanks eric

estube en central tx por 2 semanas y aprendi mucho sobre aires acondicionados esta es una gran escuela en la que se aprende muy bien y en corto tiempo gracias eric

david j. mejia
rod saver

Great Experience!

Before I come to school I had a wrong idea of the a/c cycle and now I found out I was 180 degrees opposite. Thanks for this school I learn the right way and now I ready to work like a a/c Tech!!....Thanks.

Romulo Godinez

dedicated and disciplined

I love the class environment, hands on experience and the dedication of the instructor. He has a lot of pride in his ability to teach the class in two weeks.

Gabriel Carranza

Best school in Texas

This school is the best school in Texas. With only two and a half weeks of training, I have learned more than i ever would going to a two year school. The staff teach you everything you need to know. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a great learning experience. Thanks to the staff members i am ready to start working in the Air and Heat business.

Treven Blu Raglin

Wholesome, informative life opportunity

The field of Hvac is filled with opportunity. This school can get you there faster than anyone else, seriously. Not only is if fast....the education is quality. Instructor has real field experience and has great analogies that makes learning hvac very easy. Very hands on. Lowest price around

Walter Stephen

Very educational

It is a very informative and quick paced class that teaches you everything you need to know about ac and refrigeration. I had a good time and had a chance to meet different people. Mr. Eric is a very serious about his students and his school.

Hector Castillo
CAT Construction

Great experience with great people

I was some what hesitant about taking a class that only lasted two weeks. When I decided to go for my HVAC certification, Central Texas A/C and Refrigeration was the first site that caught my attention. After visiting the school I made the decision to join, it was one of the best choices I've made. Eric and Sid are great people and helped with my confidence in this field and my life. I cant wait to make a better living with the knowledge I now posses. If you believe in yourself believe in this school.

Mando David Cole
Kitchen 911

HVAC Certification School

When I came to this school. I did not know about HVAC. but after two week training. i understand how system work. teacher very good. training step by step get clearly understanding. This is very good school.

Peter Ho

Very Informative and great experience

I am very pleased with the way Eric taught the class. His ability to relay information and explain everything in detail was impressive. His assistant, Sid, was also extremely helpful in answering any questions that I and the rest of the class may have had. I was a real pleasure to have attended Central Texas AC and refrigeration school. I have no doubt that the information the Eric has given me will help advance my career in HVAC.
A huge thank you to both Eric an Sid!

Trinity Shull

Good School

The instructor tried to relate the material to real life situations as close as possible.
In 2 weeks you learn quite a lot compared to how much information the HVAC field covers.
Overall a good school if you are willing to learn and put yourself up for work.
If you love working and want to work in the HVAC field this is a great boost for your start.

Llukman Halimi

Great Class with Great Instructor

I can honestly recommend this class to anyone looking to get their HVAC certification. The material is presented in a way that is easy to learn, and lets not forget about the hands on training. The instructor is an acting contractor so he knows what he's talking about. Do yourself a favor and come to this school!

Cory Bentley

Excellent Class and Experience!!

I just want to say if your on the fence about attending this school/ course, it would be one of the best decisions you make! The course is taught very well and with an ease that makes it fun and at the same time very educational.

Amazingly helpful

I got introduced to the school by Goodwill. Ever since then, I can't recall a day without being confused about what's been happening. Lots of help in the form of good instructions have led me to a lead in a new career. The school instantaneously helps you to become successful.

Alonso Perez-Rodriguez

Great Instructor Excellent School

one of the best decisions i have made in my life!
straight forward class easy to understand great instructor
walks you step by step making sure you grasp all the information before moving on to the next subject. awesome staff.
two weeks of hands on training, it cant get any better than this couldn't believe how affordable it is compared to other schools.

Joshua De Jesus

School is top notch.

Eric is great teacher and pretty much overall great person.He is very dedicated to what he does and is a people person. Sid is also very knowledgeable and all around great person. Very good school.

Raul Lopez

Fast passed but very eductational

The class consists of a very fast passed learning environment. The teaching style is centered around you knowing exactly what you need to know for being successful in the heating and refrigeration industry.

Excellent Hands on Training

The course at Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School was excellent for me because of the hands on training and practical knowledge gained. The training was fast paced and never let me lose focus on what I was learning. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the hvac profession or anyone who commonly uses an A/C system. Very useful.

Paul Bussell

HVAC Certification School

This experience of HVAC school has been one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had. I never thought i could learn so much in such a short period of time like i have here with Mr Eric. I am confident that when i get out in the field, not only will I be able to find a job, but also will be good at the HVAC repair industry. If you are up for a fast passed hands on experience, this would be the school for you. I would highly recommend Central Texas AC and Refrigerant School to anyone looking to get into the HVAC line of work.

oziel castillo

Great Instructor Excellent School

one of the best decisions i have made in my life!
straight forward class easy to understand great instructor
walks you step by step making sure you grasp all the information before moving on to the next subject. awesome staff.
two weeks of hands on training, it cant get any better than this couldn't believe how affordable it is compared to other schools.

Joshua De Jesus

Excellent Experience

This is a great place to learn.I would recommend this class to other looking to learn this trade.

Antonio Moreno
hays rehab

grandtastical experience

hmmm...what can i say about this experience? the class was difficult but well worth it. the teacher seemed to be misunderstanding..but after one day seemed like a mentor that you can only find once in a life time...brilliant more so than you would think on first meeting and with a wisdom of a father with 100 kids...i don't know how else to say it this class/course is the one you want to take...there is no other school with the same values at this one and with a teacher who doesn't want anything more than to see his students succeed...

Milton James Crayton Jr.

HVAC Certification School

Central Texas AC ad Refrigeration is by far the best school you can ever afford. It's reliable, and quick. You actually learn something you didn't know before and it is very helpful to those who didn't know much about HVAC. Whether you get certified in two weeks, or twelve it is much better than 9 months because you learn something rather than sitting there and feeling like you're not learning anything. Personally in my opinion, 9 months is a long time and I don't think you learn anything helpful in the class rather than twelve weeks. This school has helped me a lot over the twelve weeks and I recommend this school to anyone who wants a certification quick and easy, but also learns everything. I'd like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to help me learn and teach me the stuff I need! Thanks you so much!

Charles Barnes

Central Texas Ac and Refrigeration School

This was a great school to attend. Eric was an excellent teacher and really put everything into an easy to understand perspective. The school offered convenient hours, as well as a good mix of classroom and lab sessions. Definitely recommend this school for anyone interested in becoming HVAC certified.

Best school in Texas

I came to this school not knowing anything about A/C heating or refrigeration and now i'm a certified A/C tech. Mr. E has a way of teaching the material so its easy to learn and retain. Thanks to Mr. E and Sid and the Central Texas A/C and refrigeration

Kyle Johns

Really Great School

I came in not knowing nothing about A/C at all but with Mr. Eric being a great teacher you will not miss anything, he goes through everything and with details, but you have to pay attention and be on yo A game and study hard is a very great school to come too worth everything.

Miguel Funes

This was a great learning experience for me and I recommend Central Texas A C to anyone interested in the HVAC field. The training is spot on and very enjoyable. If you want a fun learning environment and experience this place is for you.

Dexter Graber

Excellent Air conditionig school.

Yo he trabajado en una company de refrigeracion por 10 anos como pipe fitter [ tuberia o pipa ] y nunca he tenido la oportunidad de conocer el proceso de refrigeracion correctamente, esta es la razon que me motivo a tomar este curso. Esta escuela tiene el equipo adecuado y necesario para que tu aprendas la teoria pero tambien la practica (mucha practica), conocer tu herramienta y el equipo que necesitas para ir afuera y trabajar con mucha confianza. Gracias Sr. Eric y Sid por toda la ayuda que racibi de ustedes.

Francisco Montellano
Airco Mechanical.

Great School

the only thing that i can say is this school helps me a lot when i came to school i didn't know anything about ac and refrigeration but they helped me to understand the stuff and i'm happy to came to this class and school.
I'm very impressed.

hooman khazei
Central texas AC & Refrigerant

Awesome School!

Just the right amount of classroom and hands-on learning. The instructor has a greater deal of knowledge and makes sure you will learn it. You will leave the with skills to be a technician no problem. I would recommend this school to someone with no AC knowledge. Can't say enough about the great experience I had learning AC and Heating.

Wes Weaver

Awesome Class! Learned so much in 2 weeks!

This is the best and fastest way to get your HVAC license. You learn so much in such a short amount of time. The teacher is very caring and is very proud of his school and students. He really wants all his students to graduate. Every thing you learn in the classroom you do hands on as well so you have real feel of what you will be doing in the field. I recommend this class to anybody wanting to get into the HVAC field and ready to change your life.

Anthony Mendoza

An incredible resource.

I've got to say, I'm very impressed. CTARS is actually more than advertised. The amount of practical knowledge I gained in such a short time is astounding. Eric's method to the program is intense, but it works. You really get a great hands on education. I feel like I have a great foundation for a new carrier path.

Thomas McFadden

Great school!

This is a great school. You will learn here. The instructor will make sure you understand the AC/Refrigeration system so when you go to interview for job, you will know what you are talking about. This school is not just for them making money they really teach you what you need to know to do the job. Instructor really cares about students and insuring they understand. I would recommend this school to anyone anywhere in the U.S. to come to this school I believe it is second to none.

Jamey L. Robertson

Great Class with Great Instructor

I highly recommend this school the instructor is very knowledgeable really know everything about the subject.
The office manager was a great help with scheduling and
assisting with help.
Thank you Eric and Sid !!!

Vitali Pate

Super Cool HVAC Certification School

When I first heard that I could learn everything I needed to know about AC and Refrigeration in 2 and a half weeks, I thought that there was no way that could be possible. But the instructor Eric has a great method of teaching that involved a perfect blend of classwork and hands-on training. This allowed for a smooth learning experience. I would highly recommend this school for someone looking to explore this career.

Dennis Hannusch

Thought provoking

I wish i would have done this a lot sooner. The classes really opened my mind on how electrical systems work and how refrigeration systems work with them. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get into a field that challenges your mind and expands your overall knowledge.

Matthew Schoen

Great Class with Great Instructor

As an electrician I really liked the fact that the class is small, this gives you enough time to ask questions and be clear about the material. This school has a very nice lab which makes it easy to see the component in the system and have a hands-on training. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn about HVAC systems.

Edin Hatibovic

As a 58-year old sheet metal worker, I have installed every component in HVAC systems. Set air handlers, fabricated and installed duct work. I was never taught how to do the start up. In 2 weeks I have learned all the separate components in the system and what they do.
Now not only can I do the start up, I can troubleshoot the system when there is a problem. Awesome course, learning in 2 weeks what others haven't in 9 months or more!!!
The instructor Eric makes sure you know the information completely! This school is not a diploma mill. I highly recommend Central Texas AC & Refrigeration School!! Well worth the cost!

Michael Shawn Hill Sr.

the realistic way to learn HVAC.(hands on)

Central Texas A/C and refrigeration is the only way to properly learn HVAC from the ground up. Mr.Eric is a excellent instructor, tough, take it from me.. I KNOW but he walked me through and stayed on top of me. I know so much about this trade,and have confidence in my education. I know my future employer will have confidence in me, since my instructor taught us all right....just study and don't cheat urself and this program will take you to the next level!!

Darren Cosner

the best training

Prior to attending the Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School, I had very little knowledge of refrigeration or air condition systems. In three days of attending this school I learned more that I thought possible, I think that I learned more in three weeks than most students that attend a one or two year trade college. Mr. Eric is a fantastic instructor he is very knowledge and very patient with the students. I looked at other trade schools, but I am so pleased that I chose this school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to go to work in the AC and Refrigeration field.

Rudy Villarreal

Excellent Class

This was a good education for me. Gave me the basic skill's for a new challenge. Learning in a group was great. I would suggest it to a friend!

Celestino Mendiola III

Excellent Class

I'm very glad to have taken this class and will refer it to others,i took the same refrigeration class at other school for 5 to 9 months and didn't learn as much as i did here.

Marcus Edward Clark

Very good class make sure you pay attention and things will be great. Walked away with positive attitude and knowledge. Would recommend to others.

Robert Robles

great school

i came to this school with a little hesitation but ready to learn and change my life. this school teaches you great skills that can take you further in life then you can imagine. i really recommend this class for anybody that wants to change there life and get a career.

James Edwards

My thought on Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School

I found the structure of this coarse very beneficial. The information is presented in such a way that after only a day it you begin to memorize it. You gain so much for give so little of your time and money. The instructor, Mr. Shavandi, had a very hands on approach which is hard to come by. His approach made the information very easy to understand.

Michael Wolfe

Great Training

Great training for the real world. Hands on lab. Intensive, be ready to study.

Kelly L. Lacey

I can't believe how much I have learned in such a short time! I enjoyed every bit of it! I want to thank Eric and Sid for all the new knowledge I have learned. I am very excited to start my new career in the HVAC industry .Central Texas AC and Refrigeration school is one of the best investments I have ever made, all I can say is thank you guys!!!

Robert Gutierrez

I really enjoyed my learning experience @ Central Texas
AC and Refrigeration School. I had no prior knowledge in this field at all. I worked in the Health Care field for the past 16yrs, so this was a huge change and challenge but I was wanting something new. The teaching from the very first day prepared me for the very last day. When the teacher cares and is passionate, success is certain for the students who try. I really had a blast and thanks again, for the life long knowledge, Eric and Sid. See ya in the field.
Sean.....God Bless

Sean Colbert

Great Class

What an awesome school to learn HVAC. Eric was very helpful when some of the students didn't understand. Helped me out when I had to miss a day for my daughters birth...


Enrique Perez
PerezCruz Construction

It's a Blessing

I've been working on a/c for about 20 yrs. What little I had learned was merely from trial & error. Coming to Central was not only the best decision, but it gave me the tools and knowledge that I have long for. The best instructor with all the theory that I needed to continue forward.
I thank God for giving me the courage to take the leap of faith and attend this training.

My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ and I serve an Awesome God!

Armando Lopez
L.A. Maintenance Services

I went to a different HVAC school some years ago, but never finished. I decided a couple months ago that I really wanted to achieve more. I wanted to finally finish my training, but I had to find a different school. I found this one on the web, and I am SO glad that I did. In the short amount of time I've been here at Eric's school, I feel more confident and empowered about Thermal Dynamics then I ever have. I feel smarter than I did at the other school that I went to for six months even. He strips out all the nonsense you don't really need to know, and gets down to the meat and potatoes that you do need to know. It's also no where near as expensive as this other school. I'm an "A" student here because of how Eric teaches in his classroom. You will learn, and you will feel smart. You must study, and have the desire to want it. Just know, you can do this! To sum it up. If you're looking to finally do something about getting into the AC business, or complete an unfinished training, give Eric a call!

Matthew Sivright

This school is great!!
Classes are small, so no one can slip through without full understanding of the lessons.
Eric is a awesome teacher. He has a way of presenting information that is easy to grasp.
I can now say with confidence I am ready to begin my career as a HVAC tech.

Rick P

HVAC Certification School

Coming into this class I had no HVAC experience. First day of class I learned more than ever thought I would. If you are wanting to take a good class with a great instructor this is the class for you. Eric, will teach you the class and then allow you to teach the class. This way you are hearing it, repeating, and then re hearing it from your classmates. I have enjoyed this class very much and would recommend it to others who want to further their education and knowledge in the HVAC field.

Anthony Holder
TRISUN Healthcare

Numero uno clase!

I would highly recommend this school if you want to learn about the A/C and refrigeration units. Quality of teaching of the instructor is very high and i appreciate Eric to stay here and be a student at this great school.
Thank you very much Mr. Eric Shahvandi

Es un lugar recomendable ,para aprender todo sobre ac, pues la calidad de ensenanza es dirigida por un gran maestro con mucha experiencia,agradesco haber sido alumno de esta formidable escuela, muchas gracia al senor eric shahvandi.

heraclio del castillo

beautiful and very supporting school

I like this school because they gave me an opportunity to take the course again.and this way i learn a lot.

girma teferra

To all future students

I recently enrolled in the HVAC/R class at Central Texas AC & Refrigeration School and was amazed by the teacher's knowledge and patience he demonstrated in class. Mr. Shahvandi is truly a professional educator. I would and will recommend this school to anyone.

Edwin Thomas

Customer Sastifaction

Classes are great , Learn alot of information. Teacher is very knowledgeable in his field. Alot of hands on training. You will learn alot and the right way at this school.


good class

This class is good you dont pay much money and u learn alot. es buena clase la recomiendo a todos los que quieran aprender de aire acondisionado y refrigerasion


rafael servin
k&N manigment

Excellent Class

I would recommend this school to anyone who wants improve their life , this would be the school to get into a new career and learn the HVAC systems. This school is organized, clean and friendly.

juan Angel sorto
juanderfulwork Ent.

Great Class

Eric is a great teacher. Learn HVAC in two weeks, that's great. Recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn about HVAC/R.

Very fast pace but very informative.

This course is a very fast pace from beginning to end. Requires time for studying out side of class.You must put your best effort into studying to get good results.I have enjoyed the class. Eric is a very good instructor.

Felix D. Stone

Central Texas Ac and Refrigeration School

I took this class with no experience what so ever in the field. In two weeks i learned more information than most universities offer in a 9 month program. It is an excellerated pace and can be hectic at times, but believe me when i say, you WILL learn. Hands on was a big help in understanding what the system actually looks like and i expect it to be a big advantage in the field. I recommend this class to anyone who is serious about learning. I do stress the word serious. Overall, a very good experience.

Nathan Carter

The Real Deal.

I have nothing but respect for the guys here at Central Texas AC and Refrigeration. They spend the time and give each student the attention they need to succeed. Their patience is unmatched and with so much information, it is vital not to leave anyone behind. I feel the hands on training was crucial and I could not be more prepared to get started in the HVAC field. Thank you, Eric and Sid, for getting me started on my new career path!

Adam Tanzola

Life Changer

I'm not for sure how many lives have been change by Eric and the classes that he offers, but i know it has changed mine. Two weeks is a short time to learn a new system, and the pace is fast, but Eric is a great instructor who brings the best out of people, and the great thing about it is, he has offered me a career.

Jason Roland

Best HVAC School in Texas

Excellent class and course. Eric is very knowledgeable in the HVAC field and makes this two weeks seem like you've been doing it for years. I would recommend this class to anybody.

John Montoya

Excellent Class

I feel I learned a lot in a short amount of time. The best part was being able to have a good hands on program.The teacher took extra time to make sure that everyone had a good grasp of the material before moving on to the next part.
I really enjoyed the class it was a lot of fun.

Thank You

Mark C. Ranous

Mark Charles Ranous
Cowboy Up Construction

Learning Hands On

The course was extremely informative, very hands on AC and refrigeration info and materials. I recommend this school to anyone who is willing to learn in 2 1/2 weeks compared to a normal 8 month period.

Monica De La Rosa

My best Class.

Hi ! My name is Ruper. I am very happy that I enrolled here. Honestly I did not expect to learned so much but I did some how. I discover a new way to understand what is AC and Refrigeration.

Hola ! My nombre is Ruper. Estoy muy orgulloso de haver encontrado esta escuela y en especial a mi maestro eric, el cual me empujo a emprender, estudiar y lo mas importante a ser una persona mas productiva para la sociedad.

I will strong recommend this school and be ready to be a very mentally and confident technician.
Dont forget to study every day or will regret it.

Ruper Negrete

I attended the compressed HVAC/R training course at CTARS. I am very pleased with the instruction and knowledge gained. This course is very affordable. I highly recommend that anybody interested in the HVAC field attend this school.

Daniel Arnold

My great experience

Once in a very long time you run into people who operate specially in their field. Eric, you have a talent for teaching and I was fortunate to have come to your school. Thanks

Teodoro Gonzalez


In the beginning of class I didn't know anything. The systematic teaching that was provided to us was very educational. Eric was extremely patient with me. Thank you, Central Texas AC and Refrigeration.

Mario G Cuevas Jr

welcome to the very best school in austin.

I would like to say that our teacher is a very wise and professional person.Knows what he teaches and Iam very happy to have been in this class.

Misael Reyes

Central Texas AC and Refrigeration school
The two and a half week course is a fast pace, thorough
class that will have you ready for the HVAC field.
Not only did I learn the fundamentals of HVAC, but I learned a few things about myself as well. I highly recommend this coarse.

Dennis Ogle

An Energizing Experience!

Eric is an engaging and challenging instructor....he will make sure that you know your stuff....no cutting corners here....very comprehensive teaching encompassing lecture, video, whiteboard diagrams and most importantly, HANDS ON experience....you will get to see, hear and touch all the material.....from the big picture to the smallest details...over and over again until you get it....no matter what your individual learning style, you are 'spoken to'.....small classes promote student camaraderie and sharing of knowledge during training....full participation is highly advised.....I feel that I now know the material well and am looking forward to applying what I have learned in my career....TIME WELL SPENT......

A very challenging life experience

After being in Manufacturing for more than 20 years, I wish I would it started on this competitive and challenging field
many years ago.

I truly recommend the course! The course is a very hands- on and it does prepares you at its best for the outside true work in this field!

Eric Miller
Manufacturing - Oil Industry

HVAC Certification School

I loved this school had a good time,meet good people the course was well explained and all i can say is thanks to Eric and Sid from Central Texas AC Refrigeration School.

Hiroaki Ito
CMT consolidated metals technology

I like the method of teaching, very understandable...Eric has full of knowledge about HVAC. I recommend this school to my friend.

Antonio Masloc


Clear, cut and strait forward.

Outstanding school. Eric is great instructor, and very knowledgeable. He guides in the right the direction when it comes to HVAC. One of the best classes I've had. Most all, I enjoyed learning from. Wish we had more instructors like him.

Ruben Moreno
Living Direct

if you want to be an A/C guy this is the best school

there is only one air conditioning contractor that he is also a Hvac teacher and having his own school and his name is Eric.
if you want to know air conditioning and refrigeration this is the only school that you actually be one.
thanks for every minute.
Joseph Shooker

Everything is heavy

awesome school,Eric our teacher is a great instructor,
simplifys the whole hvac world.he is very patient,he motivates and challenges his students.once again I would recommend Erick to anybody that has ears.later on I will enroll my son into this school.

martin o velasquez
centraltexas commercial air

This HVAC school has been a great experience for me. Eric is a great instructor and makes learning easy with his method of teaching. the best part of it was the hands on teaching. especially for someone like me who has no prior experience in this field. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Rosalio Rodriguez Jr.
Burrell Printing Co.

Great School

I enjoyed learning from Eric.Eric makes sure everybody comprehends the subject matter before moving on.I highly recommend taking this course even if you are not pursueing a career in HVAC.All in all it was a good experience and I learned a lot of knowledge.

Brett Spears
Ut Austin

Hands on and Verbal one on one training.

I have had many specialized class's in the past, this was the best one I have completed. The one on one experience made all the difference in the world. You have plenty of ac knowledge to use in the field when completed this course. It makes it real easy to use your troubleshooting skills in the field because of the knowledge you have gained.

Billy R. Doss

Revolutionary HVAC Training Method. Fast paced and fascinating

The Central Texas A/C and Refrigeration School is a an HVAC training program that has a unique, and in my opinion, profound teaching technique. I entered this school with total ignorance of HVACR and am amazed at the level of knowledge that I was able to attain in 2 weeks. It is however very fast paced and rigorous and appeals to those who are serious about more than a certification, it is designed for those who actually want to be HVAC technicians with a high level of skill and integrity. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is amazing in its ability to teach you beyond theory and into actual applicable skill. Boredom is something that is totally absent. It is exciting and revolutionary.

James Valentine

This AC school works at a very face pace. one day feels like a week. it is very important you attend class everyday and actually participate in the class. ALWAYS ALWAYS ask questions on anything you might now understand fully. Eric is a great teacher with lots of experience, getting down to the core about AC units and the various tools you will need. 2 weeks goes by quick, study everyday and if you can watch videos on hvac troubleshooting to get a real life situation of what you learned in class.

Josh Villasenor

Learned an enormous amount

A great school to go to, not for the faint of heart. You will learn a lot about HVAC if you pay attention and push yourself. Eric is a tough instructor but will teach you a great deal and make sure you know the material. Would recommend this school for anyone who is wanting to get into the HVAC field sooner than later.

Benjamin A. Fry

HVAC Certification School

In my short time here I have learned so much. When I first started here, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had little knowledge of how the Air Conditioning worked, but at the same time i still had no idea. After the first week i was knowledgeable and knew everything how the system works. Second week is when the fun for me started, because i was really eager to get into the electrical part of the school. everything is hands on and small classes so that everyone can learn step by step. first week i was a technician and second week i was a electrician. Wow I still blows my mind how fast and how well you will understand the A/C and Heating system. This was the best decision i have mad in life and very excited about progressing in my career in the near future.

Nathaniel L. Tampke

HVAC Certification School

Great school, very intense. This school is a great path for success, you will learn absolutely everything you need to be a great HVAC technician. When you decide to come to this school, you better be ready to learn, you gotta be very serious, you can be doing this for the rest of your life. Erick was great, her thoroughly explains every little thing in the AC system, and even teaches you the electrical world. Erick is a genius, and makes sure you comprehend everything, he doesn't leave anybody behind, take my word for it. If you don't understand something he will make sure before you walk out the door you understand it. If i was looking for a school, i wouldn't think about it twice, this is clearly the best option for you and your future. When i walked in i absolutely couldn't believe how i was gonna learn everything in 2 weeks but trust me you will cover everything, you will walk out of this door with all the knowledge you need.

Jose Garcia

Great HVAC Training School




School was very informative and I learned a lot best school ever with the small class size we had time to focus more on learning Great school Great job.

Elridge Stevens

Best hvac in the usa

when i first come to the school i know nothings about ac and refrigeration. now i can trouble shoot any system out there. fastest way to learn is here. i m Asian known not much English if i can do it . any body can. Mr. Eric is a good teacher. i never like school but i like this one . i will recommend anyone take the class if they interest in hvac tray.

bobby tan

Effective Education

I chose to enroll in the two week course at Central TX AC & Refrigeration School. I was attracted to the possibility of learning in a short amount of time as well as the hands on learning opportunities that the school offers. The material was more interesting than I expected, and I was impressed with the amount of information that I was able to learn in just a couple of weeks. I was immediately able to apply what I learned to diagnose and repair the AC system at my own house. By starting off with a solid foundation of the refrigeration cycle, Eric makes sure that all students understand the material to the best of their ability and offers plenty of cooperative and hands on learning opportunities.

David Clarke

Very Impressed

Very impressed with how teacher taught everything in such a short time. Also in a way that everyone could learn very easily. Small classes allowed all students to learn everything at same pace. Lots of hands on helped me greatly

Samuel Hradsky
H&H Landscapes

School was very informative and I learned a lot best school ever with the small class size we had time to focus more on learning Great school Great job.

Elridge Stevens

High speed training that is presented in a unique way.

Eric has a unique way of presenting the material that anyone can understand. The staff is very helpful and can help with in problem that may arise whether it be locating funding or just working with you on a one on one bases to help understand the material. I would recommend this school over any other if anyone is trying to become a HVAC tech. The way the school incorporates hands on training with book studies, is the best way for anyone regardless of their mechanical skills to learn, understand and retain the knowledge that is needed to fill confident in yourself starting in the field of refrigeration repair.

Robert Bryan Burnett

Very impressed

Very good school, small classes and one on one attention. The instructor Eric is very knowledgeable and explains it in a way that you can understand in a short period of time. If your serious about a career and not just a job, then this is the way to go. The instructor will make you work so this is not a give me, so keep that in mind. Stop by and they will give you a tour which I am sure will have your enrolling right away. you really can learn HVAC in a short period of time.


I would recommend this school to anyone that wants a quality hvac education with a top notch instructor that has a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to share it.THE SCHOOL is very reasonably priced compared to others.
thank you Eric.

lamont butler
l butler services,llc

The school was great i learned a lot from Eric the instructor. The way they teach makes easy to understand and simplifies materials that normally would take long to learn. Price for the class is the best price around and certified in 2 WEEKS ITS AWESOME.I would recommend to anyone trying to better themselves.

hill country mhdd

I learned a lot

Eric our instructor is very patient. This is the first time that I've been to this type of environment in teaching, where the theory and practicum combined together.

I learned a lot from Eric about AC and Refrigeration system.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to say " THANK YOU".

Frezen Wagas

I would like to encourage anyone who is thinking about HVAC as a career to attend Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School. Eric the instructor is very good at conveying the material into easy to understand theories and terms. It is an intense course load but he will insure that you are comprehending the material, and will insure you do the work needed to pass the course. You will have a complete understanding of the ac refrigeration cycle, the parts, and troubleshooting techniques for all the equipment at the school.

Anthony Palmer

This was a very informative class. Eric was a great teacher on the HVAC/R systems. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to advance their knowledge in the A/C and Refrigeration systems. Very glad that I chose this school.

Chuck W.
Facilities Technician

Chuck Warren

Great Teaching ! I learned alot of things that that i did not know i recommend if u want to learn more about HVAC come here but be prepared

John Pearl

I attended Eric's 2 week Hvac course. I was new to the entire industry. Eric's teaching method and knowledge of Hvac and electrical wiring really help me to understand the information and how to feel confident in my ability to learn the material in such a short time frame. I highly recommend his school and teaching methods to anyone looking for a fast, affordable and wonderful learning experience to understand the components of this field. I really can't say enough good things about his program. Thank you Eric Shahvandi for knowing how to teach and doing a wonderful job at it too.

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez

Central Texas A/C and Refrigeration School is a very clean and organized facility. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. I will be recommending this school to every and anyone that is interested in a/c repair. It is also very intense and rewarding at the same time. I am truly grateful to Central Texas A/C for the experience and the knowledge that I have gained.

Roderick Hopkins

Roderick Hopkins
H and H Handyman Service


I was thoroughly impressed with the extent of Eric's knowledge and his skill and patience sharing it. He cares about the students truly understanding the systems, and stresses the importance of safety in the workplace. With the variety of backgrounds of his students, this becomes especially important for those that might be working with his students on the job. Any employers or coworkers of his students should feel confident that his graduates are competent, knowledgeable, and safe. Thanks, Eric for your thoroughness.

Michael Ovsen

I've learned and gained so much!

I enjoyed instructions Mr. Shahvandi. He is a dynamic teacher who roots for all his students. He will also make sure that you are well prepared once you enter the field. There are not enough words to express how he turned me, as a student who was uncertain about entering this profession, into a knowledgeable technician. That alone deserves more gratitude than I can give.

Stephanie Luna

before i came to central texas ac ,i do not have a clue of ac or heat pump , but after 3 week of hard study with mr Eric now i really can work on any system,thanks mr Eric.

neu may ban muon hoc ve dien lanh hay ghi danh voi central texas ac, vi mr Eric rat good

tu phan

I would like to encourage anyone who is thinking about HVAC as a career to attend Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School. Eric the instructor is very good at conveying the material into easy to understand theories and terms. It is an intense course load but he will insure that you are comprehending the material, and will insure you do the work needed to pass the course. You will have a complete understanding of the ac refrigeration cycle, the parts, and troubleshooting techniques for all the equipment at the school.

Anthony Palmer

I am so glad to attend this class, It life investment, what I learn in Mr.Eric school Central Texas A/C school I will not get in a regular community college.
I came from Houston, where this career is highly profitable, I lived in a hotel until this course is done.

I recommend Mr.Eric patients and tolerances to all students.

Hassan Conteh


Hassan Conteh

I would like to say thank you to Mr Eric Shahvandi. I can honestly say the first couple days were hard for me i didn't know ANYTHING about ac/refrigeration. After taking this class i know alot of valuable information that will help me in my career. He is the best teacher I've had in a long time. he NEVER gave up on me & criticized me & pushed me to do my best. I recommend anyone to take this class that wants to know the ac/refrigeration.

Thank You,
- Carlos Marmolejo

Carlos Marmolejo


I worked for the past year in West Palm Beach, Florida as a Comfort Advisor (A/C Residential Sales). I wanted to learn more about how systems actually work so I came to Austin to take this course. After two weeks I learned much, much more about air conditioning and refrigeration than I had learned in the past year. Now I can both repair systems and sell them with total confidence. I am very happy that I took this course. Thanks Eric.

James Douglas

This schooling has been very detailed in such a degree that a student can comprehend and put in use any where in the HVAC industry. Mr. Eric has put a 100 percent into making sure that we as students succeed in the schooling as well as being able to succeed in the work force. I would highly recommend this school as the best source in Austin Tx for HVAC schooling. Thanks Mr.Eric for this excellent two and a half weeks course.

Kenny L. Smith

Kenny L. Smith
K-Smith Enterprises


Coming into the class, I already had a basic knowledge of how an AC works being in the apartment industry. Within the two week time frame. Eric was able to not only explain how every component works, but made it very understandable and would explain in detail the exact job of each component. After the class, I know have the knowledge and skill set to further my career in the maintanence field. I feel comfortable in knowing that I was taught the correct procedures and safety. Would I suggest this class for new students? In my honest opinion....It was the best decision I have made in a while. I totally, 100% agree, that if I can benefit from this. SO CAN YOU!! THANKS ERIC.

Ruben De Luna
The Liberty Group


Coming into the class, I already had a basic knowledge of how an AC works being in the apartment industry. Within the two week time frame. Eric was able to not only explain how every component works, but made it very understandable and would explain in detail the exact job of each component. After the class, I know have the knowledge and skill set to further my career in the maintanence field. I feel comfortable in knowing that I was taught the correct procedures and safety. Would I suggest this class for new students? In my honest opinion....It was the best decision I have made in a while. I totally, 100% agree, that if I can benefit from this. SO CAN YOU!! THANKS ERIC.

Ruben De Luna
The Liberty Group

When I came to the school I thought it was going easy to understand. after my first week I was so lost that I wanted to quit.so I talked to my teacher and he told me no to do it.that I was able to do it.so I went back to study and after time it started to understand it.so Thanks to my teacher and fellow students help I started to do good. so I do recommend the school to someone like me that did not know anything about AC.so take a chance and and make a better future for yourself.and teacher thanks for everithing. Jorge Castro

jorge castro

Best place for starters

I came here with out any knowlerge.. end of the time period i came long way through..Eric is teacher i have seen after long time that really close to students and take us to the next level...i m suprise to see that he enjoying with his students success.
Thank u Eric for your pateint and walk with us this journey..you the best salam

shajahan yahiya
Barden milk


I came t0 this class knowing nothing on AC.Now I feel so confident about going out and work on a AC unit my self
The way Eric teach is amazing he take you step by step
so you do not miss anything all you have to do is show paid attention participate you will get it I promised you that
Good luck to all of you interesting people do not miss this chance to bacame a AC thechnician.

Jorge De Luna


If your going into a career where the HVAC is required, this is the school to come to hands down!

I didn't have much money and didn't think this was even possible for me but after talking to the secretary she gave me hope by reminding me if there is a will there is a way and I scraped up what I could and went for it.

To my surprise the instructor Eric was willing to work with me. I wasn't used to this type of hospitality and knew right then that this was going to happen for me!

Affordable and quick! Eric is an outstanding teacher and turned out to be a good friend. I'm gonna miss it!

This training has opened the opportunity for a career that I have wanted for years and don't remember being happier than this for a long time

Thanks for everything Eric!!

James R Fansworth


This school will teach you all the basics of what you need to know and get started! It was great and Eric was very friendly and helpful. When I first enrolled at the school I was a little skeptical that I could learn about HVAC/R in the short amount of time I was told. I had some experience in the refrigeration field and while in school learned alot more. He breaks down everything you need to know about the refrigeration circuit, heaters, heatpumps, electrical trouble shooting and even ice machines. Great class and I hope that others benefit from it as much as I have. Thankyou, Eric.

Joshua Linder

Eric is a great teacher! When I started this school I had little experience in HVACR. Now I feel extremely confident on working any HVACR system. Eric teaches in a manner that everyone understands. He makes sure that all his students understand the HVACR system in depth before moving on to the next subject. Thank You Eric for sharing your knowlage with us!

Matthew DeLosReyes
Texas Lehigh Cement Co.

GO TO THIS SCHOOL PERIOD! Eric is a one of a kind Instructor and is very well educated in HVAC. He explains the difference in systems and all accessories in a way that's easy to understand and learn as well. Thanks a million Eric!

Jonathan Edwin Stauber

This school is a great model for what education should be like for many other trades! Two and a half weeks and you will learn more than you ever thought you would. Eric is a really cool guy and is willing to help without fail! Go to this school!

Stephen Duffy

I really enjoyed being a part of a learning environment where you can have hands on experiance while learning in the classroom. The instructor has a vast knowledge of every aspect of HVAC that will allow a student to learn what really makes AC and heating work. I learned so much so fast that I feel very confident in what I can do out in the work force. If you really want to learn something real this is the school for you.

Arthur Valencia
DBA Art Valencia


Central Texas A/C school was the most informatable and useful educational experiences Ive had. The owner/operator/instructor, Eric Shahvadi is, not only a highly experienced and knowlegable trade-professional and master, his teaching methodologies and deliveries are, "bar none"; All the school's employees, were/ are understanding to the personal educational needs and situations of each individual student. The school does not only prepare it's students for the A/C refrigeration trade but also, helps each student along the process to achieving thier goals. Eric is a true teacher in every sense of the word. Being a sudent at the school and completing the certifiacation course has helped me grow in my own personal ways. I would suggest and or, recommend this school to any tradesman who is wanting to extend his skills / knowelgde or, to any younger adult who is wanting to learn a gainful trade. Eric is not only an A/C teacher but, a life insctructior/advisor as well, to all of his students. -this school is, "the right choice"-

scott miller


March 12, 2013 – 13:25
Subject: FINALLY!!

I had a blast in this class even though I missed two classes due to illness, Eric was nice enough to let me stay and hash out the course afterwards. I finally passed!  His heart is definitely in the right direction, wanting all his students to pass and be successful. It was a pleasure being in class and an honor being a student.

Jon Villena
March 12, 2013 – 12:2
Subject: Central Texas AC School

I would like to give a big BIG MAHALO to the instructor and office staff.I had zero none experience with AC and now I know a lot within those 2 weeks.  The instuctor Eric Shavandi is good.  He makes sure that you understand the material so that WE ALL can benefit from it.  If I can come all the way from HAWAII and graduate you can too.  If you want to up your stuff, come to this school its very affordable and worth it. ALOHA AND MAHALO!!!!  Eric and Carmen.

March 12, 2013 – 11:35
Subject: Experience at CTARS

I would tell every person that is interested in learning AC and Refrigeration, to go to this school. I had a great experience during this course. Instructor is a great teacher, plus the hands on is great too. If you choose this school be ready to learn a lot of material, fast.  Eric teaching style is fun and group oriented. Everyone started the class as strangers, we graduated as a team! nataive

March 12, 2013 – 09:14
Subject: great school

it is a great school, its all hands on, teacher is an great teacher and care about all of us

Luis martinez
March 12, 2013 – 08:55

Central texas school  is a  very good school i had one of the best teacher it can be. Teaches you evrything that you need to know about A/C had a great time learn alot  i recomended if I did it  you can do it to.

James Kevin Johnson
March 12, 2013 – 08:12

Eric (the instructer) was very knowledgable and he prsented the material in a way that was easy to understand. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn about HVAC then this would be the place to come to.

Jeff D
March 12, 2013 – 08:05
Subject: Exellent HVAC School

After the very first day I learned a complete refridgeration cycle. Each class was packed with new knowledge. The instruction was excellent and with the small class size and with the 40hr school weeks I was able to quickly absorb and understand the material. I am very pleased with the education and glad that I did’nt decide to go to school for an entire year at three times the tuiton expense.

Glen Allen
March 11, 2013 – 13:17
Subject: hvac training

I have been in the industry for almost a year but never had any training I now know so much more, we covered a lot of material in two weeks. I am four times the tech I was.  Probably one of the best decisions I have made. I highly recomend it.

Mercedes Chicas
February 19, 2013 – 13:57
Subject: Yeah me!!!!!

So I just completed the 2 1/2 week course I didn’t believe it was possible, especially being a woman who has never even seen an ac unit or the guts of the system. If you study and listen to all of Erics lectures you’ll get it!!! He helped me on my weak points and really drilled it into me. He never lost his patience with me which I really was afraid of. Take this course I promise you in 2 1/2 weeks you’ll also be saying “I did It!!!!!!!!”

Roger Bostic
February 19, 2013 – 13:04
Subject: HVAC with Eric Refrigeration Training School

This is one of the Best Schools I have ever been to. Eric is easy to understand and very complete in what he is teaching in class. He will work with you untill you get it ,if you don’t get it the first time. I have taken two Solar class’s with Austin ACC and I dont feel as comfortable with the knowledge they gave me compared with what I picked up in this HVAC class. This class should be rated number one in any book. I will recomend anyone wanting to get Certified to come to this class.

Albert L. Fischer
February 19, 2013 – 11:38
Subject: Central Texas Heating and Air Conditioning School

This 2 1/2 week course was an absolutely fantastic experience! It was an intensified study program where an unbelievable amount of education was taught. The instructor (Eric) was great. He taught the course in a way that was informative, to the point and fun. It was not easy or a given, but intense and complete. I feel I know as much now as most AC Technicians out there and I feel armed with what I need to be successful in the HVAC industry. Thank you for a great experiece! Albert L. Fischer 512-657-1899

JJ Musgrove
February 19, 2013 – 10:56
Subject: Excellent H.V.A.C. & Refrigeration Training

If you are looking for a great career, excellent training and a boost in self confidence, Mr. Shahvandi will show you the way ! Eric has been great at demonstrating how you can learn everything you need to know to enter this field or as a refresher to continue in this trade. He is genuine as an instructor and inspiring as person who cares about his students and the material we learn. Don’t delay or you’ll be missing out on a great experience. Thank you Eric.

Adam Gonzales
February 19, 2013 – 09:17
Subject: Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School

First and foremost I would like to give major props to our teacher Mr. Eric Shahvandi. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is a bit tough, but that is all for the good. He makes sure everyone understands the knowledge no matter what. The 2 1/2 week course is great. I came in thinking it would be extremely difficult to learn the process in that amount of time, but I was wrong. With Eric’s wonderful teaching method you can’t go wrong. He explains with great detail verbally and manually. It’s not a class where you get a book slapped in front of you and you’re told to read. It is majority hands on. And he teaches things and shows you things about the process that you would never get in a major institution. If you are looking to learn AC and refrigeration then Central Texas AC and Refrigeration School is the place to go. Like I said before you can’t go wrong. Just be willing to learn the material and you should have no problem. Good luck to all future students. Thank you Eric for being such a great teacher!

Ryan Machiela
February 19, 2013 – 08:41
Subject: Unbelievable

I came to this school with little to no knowledge of hvac. When I was told it could be taught in two and a half weeks, I was kind of skeptical. Now that I have completed the program, I am blown away by how much knowledge I gained through this program. Eric has a method of teaching that can’t be explained it must be observed. I would recommend this program to anyone who trying to approach this field in any way.

Carmen Vazquez
December 19, 2012 – 09:48
Subject: An opportunity for everyone!!!

This training help me realized that you can learn ac and refrigeration in a short time and that it’s not impossible as you would think. The instructor breaks down so you can UNDERSTAND what really goes on and once you get the basics of it, everything else becomes more familiar. And being able to share a class with a diversity of students was a pleasant experience. I gained not only HVAC skills but also knowledge beyond the class (life skills).

Thank you Eric!!

Eric Espinosa
December 17, 2012 – 09:48

I had a great expirience at Texas Central AC & Refrigeration School. Eric is very knowledgable and really knows how to make someone how to understand the basic concept behind AC & Refigeration. I was a non-beleaver, didn’t think it could be done in 2 1/2 weeks, but here I am at the end of the course & getting my licsience and EPA Certification. Eric really care about how well his student do. How they perform is a reflection on him & his school. So why wouldn’t he want you to SUCCEED. NOW I LOOK FORWARD TO GREAT JOB SUCCESS

Anthony Lowry
December 11, 2012 – 15:19

I will be the first to tell you the instructor is tough but very fare. He will make sure that you be able to provide for your self and your family with the knowledge of HVAC. I am please with my new found and career. You want a life, let it start here that way you know its promise to you .

Michael Meeks
December 11, 2012 – 13:33
Subject: Comments from a recent grad

I really appreciate the training I just completed at this school. As a working adult, the two and a half week program appeals to me. I feel that the pace enhanced my learning since the material progressed and built on itself from one day to the next. The instruction was top-notch and to the point, and there was little time for my mind to relax and get “cold”. I believe that, from the principles learned here, I can now progress into any company-specific training seemlessly. Thanks Eric! I appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Arthur Ruiz
December 11, 2012 – 12:55
Subject: HVAC Training

I can say having the oppurtuntiy to attend this school was very eye opening of learning all the techniques and tools needed to be a Top TECH. Eric is very talented and had many ways of showing the correct ways of understanding the procedures needed to be in this field. I can say that this was very rewarding to attend his class and now have the knowledge that you need to get started.

ismael derramona
December 08, 2012 – 07:01
Subject: the best school

ok mi primera lengua es espanol y mi i gles no es muy bueno pero a pesar de eso nunca pense aprender tanto y secarle tanto provecho a esta escuela de central texas a/c school, pero me di cuenta que esta aprendiendo mucho aunque la s classes son en espanol el profesor es un buen maestro y se preocupa en que cada uno aprenda lo suficiente como para ser capas de poder desarrollarse en los terrenos de aire acondicinado y calefacccion ,pero unas de las cosas que mas me gusto es que en el ambito electrico puedes aprender no solo a trabajar en el a/c sino tambien en otro systemas.solo puedo decir . thanks MR .ERIC

Carl LeBoeuf
December 08, 2012 – 06:48

Eric’s classes very informative and easy to understand. His presentations made the class fun. I would highly recommend Texas A/C and Refrigeration School for your education and certification.

Andrew Mullins
December 08, 2012 – 06:43
Subject: I was a beginner

When i started this HVAC course I knew absolutely nothing about HVAC. In fact, I barely even knew how to work basic tools. Eric (the instructer) was very patient with my lack of knowledge and worked with me all the way to graduation. I was able to fix my own leaking AC because i took this class. As long as you listen to the instructer and study, you can do it too.

Randy Whittle
November 13, 2012 – 13:18
Subject: Central Texas A. C.

I came to Central Texas A.C. I had been working as a bus mechanic and i just knew i was going to pass this class in flying colors! And that was just not the case. I was the one that just could not get it down. After alot of pushing from Mr Eric i got it down. what ever you do don`t give up a good pay day is just ahead. Its all good now.


Kenny J
November 13, 2012 – 12:58

Eric is a great teacher and balances book knowledge with hands on training. I came into class with minimal knowledge and am leaving class being very happy with how much I learned. Money well spent in my opinion.

Jai Dillon
November 13, 2012 – 09:55
Subject: Central Tx. AC and Refrigeration School

Just finished the course and I have to say it was excellent. Eric is a great teacher with a knack for relaying information in easilly digestable bits that help you see exactly what is taking place, making the learning process a lot easier. There is quite a bit of hands on, and the small class sizes ensure personal attention to help keep you on pace. You will learn a lot in this course (the refrigeration cycle and the electric system that controls it)! 5 Stars! Thanks Eric.

zachary coon
November 13, 2012 – 09:05
Subject: central texas a/c and refrigeration

i knew nothing about a/c when i started this class. eric is a great instructor, do not come to class not ready to learn, you have to apply yourself. i never thought i could learn so much in a short time. this is a great way to start a career with little expense and in a short time. thank you central texas a/c and refrigeration.

Sathyan Meethal
October 17, 2012 – 19:31
Subject: Central Texas Hvac School

I found Eric to be very accomplished and knowledgeable in his field. he took special time and consideration to be sure that all students learned the material. As for me, I am a foreign student and English is not my first language. Eric was very patient and understanding, helping me to be successful in the study of HVAC. I highly recommend his school to all those interested in HVAC. It was a great experience for me and I know I will go on to accomplish my goals and fulfill my dreams. Thank you Eric and Central Texas HVAC School


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